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Sony's Ken Kutaragi
Sony revises its PS3 launch schedule

Well, here's some rather interesting news from the Sony camp. Sony has originally planned on a November 17 global launch for the PlayStation 3, but those plans have been completely hosed. It is now reported that Sony will delay the launch of the PS3 in Europe until March of 2007. To make matters even worse, Sony is only going to make available 500,000 total units split between the United States (400,000) on November 17 and Japan (100,000) on November 11.

"We decided to focus on the Japanese and U.S. markets. I am so sorry not to be able to answer to all the expectations," said Sony CEO Ken Kutaragi. Problems with manufacturing blue laser diodes are putting a serious strain on PS3 production and are part of the reason for the delay and low launch numbers. Kutaragi went on to say “We've been working hard to try to tackle the problem, but we see the delay is inevitable."

Mass production of Sony's Cell processor isn't even expected to start until the end of this month according to Kutaragi. And as a result of this production snag, Sony has revised its shipping estimates from 4 million units at the end of 2006 to just 2 million. Bottom line: if you thought you were going to have trouble getting a PS3 this year, your chances just got much worse.

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Doesn't matter
By Chaser on 9/6/2006 10:47:42 AM , Rating: 0
I've never bought a console unit in my life. But I do want a High Def DVD player. Checking Pricegrabber today a vendor has a Blue Ray player running $899.00 with 3 other models on pre-order.

Sony is having to compete against the home player Blue Ray rollout with the limited availablity of the diodes they are referring to, that also happens to include a cutting edge, unprecedented gaming system with the name Playstation on it.

My point: Empty boxes on shelves would be fought over at your nearest Circuit City or Best Buy. Whether its November, next April or July.

As this next generation of consoles rolls out I'm even considering one for the first time. With wifi connectivity, wireless controllers and big screen HD capability I'm excited and will cheerfully wait for my new Blue Ray High Def DVD player. :)

Lastly I considered the 360. I read the reviews online. While some titles appear to take advantage of the 360's capabilities many of the games are ports with their boxes stamped "360".

Those of you saying Microsoft is cheering and celebrating are nieve. I can assure you Microsoft respects Sony and the PS3 any month of the year.

RE: Doesn't matter
By Scorpion on 9/6/2006 1:04:04 PM , Rating: 2
Lastly I considered the 360. I read the reviews online. While some titles appear to take advantage of the 360's capabilities many of the games are ports with their boxes stamped "360".

You do know that is one of the key features and goal of the X360 right? It's intended to be highly portable with PC titles, which I assume is what you are refering to. It's quite obvious given Microsoft designed DirectX which is a key component of the 360, and also the leading graphics/sound API on the PC platform. It has become it's own highly developed dev environment and they are trying to make it easier to devs, rather than tougher a la Sony.

I think you've really not done such a great job of reviewing, because you seem to not know what you are talking about. I suggest if you really want to consider a 360, don't base it off reviews, go down to a best buy and try one out. That's like trying to pick the best driving car by looking at pictures online. *rollseyes*

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