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Popular Mechanics jumps the gun on TiVo's unannounced pricing

This week information came in on TiVo's official pricing for its upcoming and much anticipated Series3 tuner. Although TiVo has not made an announcement on its website or through a press release, an aricle in an issue of Popular Mechanics and first covered by Engadget confirms the pricing to be $800. DailyTech previously reported that TiVo had sent out a batch of Series3 tuners to major broadcasters for final phase of testing and according to reports, Series3 tuners will be available very soon. TiVo originally claimed that its Series3 would be avilable early 2006, but due to whatever reason, the release date was pushed back.

The Series3 tuner has been long in waiting and features dual CableCARD 1.0 slots, or the unit can be switched into CableCARD 2.0 mode with only one card. The unit will be able to operate in dual stream mode or single stream mode depending on user subscriptions.

TiVo is currently in a legal battle with EchoStar over DVR patent issues. TiVo took EchoStar to court claiming that EchoStar willingly infringed on several TiVo patents that cover the well known time-warping feature. Preliminary ruling sided with TiVo and forced EchoStar to disable all DVRs that it had shipped to customers but a ruling by the Federal Courts of Appeals blocked the injunction until further investigation. As of right now, EchoStar subscribers appear to be safe.

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Linux PVR
By qdemn7 on 9/7/2006 9:12:27 AM , Rating: 3
For $800 you can build a pretty decnt Linux PVR / HTPC and forget about the monthly charges and Tivo's other antics. Like kissing the behind of broadcasters and advertisers.

RE: Linux PVR
By oneils on 9/7/2006 9:15:27 AM , Rating: 2
Now I know why HTPCs are so popular. $800, ouch.

RE: Linux PVR
By Vertigo101 on 9/7/2006 9:35:17 AM , Rating: 3
Yeah, tell me how that Linux CableCard support is going.....

RE: Linux PVR
By juancferrer on 9/7/2006 9:48:04 AM , Rating: 2
And exactly how do you get cablecard support in linux? or windows for that matter? $800 is a lot for a tivo, but no HTPC is going to support cablecard anytime soon.

RE: Linux PVR
By play3r on 9/7/2006 9:57:54 AM , Rating: 2
"CyberLink and Hauppauge Partner to Enable Playback of Satellite TV Services on the PC"

RE: Linux PVR
By DigitalFreak on 9/7/2006 11:26:33 AM , Rating: 2
Doesn't apply in the US.

RE: Linux PVR
By bob661 on 9/8/2006 11:05:39 AM , Rating: 2
Doesn't apply in the US.
Why can't we have services like this? Sigh.

RE: Linux PVR
By bob661 on 9/8/2006 2:05:20 PM , Rating: 2
Just reread the article and it DOES apply to the US!!!

RE: Linux PVR
By Orbs on 9/7/2006 6:35:36 PM , Rating: 2
Vista HTPCs will in the new year. That's not too far off.

RE: Linux PVR
By Phynaz on 9/7/2006 10:24:05 AM , Rating: 3
For $800 you can build a pretty decnt Linux PVR / HTPC and forget about the monthly charges and Tivo's other antics

Also, you can forget about six tuners (four of which are HD), cablecard support, a usable program guide, a remote control, and a package that actually belongs in a home theater cabinet.

By TacticalTrading on 9/7/2006 11:30:22 AM , Rating: 2
Even the DirecTV HD DVR is $399.

I have a Series 1 DirecTV Tivo. Not sure what the series 3 can do other than have greater capicity + HDTV, than my 1 can do. I mean...let's face it, recording and playing back a TV show is about all this thing really has to do right? Or am I missing something about the way I use TIVO to watch TV

By Solema on 9/7/2006 12:10:26 PM , Rating: 2
All you guys talking about CableCard and Linux support, blah blah blah. Can any of you really give a good reason WHY this or any set-top box or HTPC needs CableCard at all? The entire point of CableCard was to ELIMINATE the cable box. Since Tivo IS a cable box, who cares if it has CableCard slots?

It really boils down to this: Tivo wants you to pay $800 for the Tivo name and interface, bottom line. You can rent a dual-tuner HD DVR for $10/month from a cable provider, and the ONLY thing you miss over this is the Tivo OS.

Hell, the storage issue isn't even an issue, if you have a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD you can plug an eSata drive into it and have as much storage as you want.

Is the Tivo interface worth $800? Nope.

By sotti on 9/7/2006 12:17:13 PM , Rating: 2
DVD player
Cable Box
CD Player

looks like we turned 4 pieces of electronics into 1. Right now if you want to record digital channels or statllite you still need a cable box, with cable card, all you need for home theater is an HTPC and a AV Reciever for sound.

By rklaver on 9/7/2006 12:25:34 PM , Rating: 2
Is the TiVo interface worth $800. Nope.

But I do have the Scientific Atlanta you mention and that things sucks as well. It makes you realize how much better the Tivo interface really is. Not to mention I could schedule recording over the internet while at work if I forgot something. I used that functionality quite often. Plus the added bonus of being able to copy things over to the PC and burn a DVD. To the best of my knowledge know one else has come out with those features (I know...other than the HTPC).

But still not worth $800 for me though. But the thing with HTPC's is can they decode digital cable, provide on-demand access or decode the premium channels?

TiVo Subscription Prices seem a bit high
By Flunk on 9/7/2006 9:56:52 AM , Rating: 2
A subscription to the TiVo service is 12.95? that sounds excessive. The company I work for rents DVR units (made by echostar) for $9, of course you need to subscribe to our programming but still. $12.95/month ($155.40/year) after paying for the hardware flat out seems excessive to me.

By michal1980 on 9/7/2006 11:21:25 AM , Rating: 1



wheres all the sony haters now complaining about a 600 ps3 (that will be impossible to find at launch. GRRRRR)

but still 800 bucks.

plus 13 a month.

plus 2 or more bucks for each cable card from the Cable Co.

ughh, sorry tivo. too much. Your box may be great, but i'll just rent 2 hd-dvr from time warner. cost= 10 bucks more a month.

Too expensive
By DigitalFreak on 9/7/2006 8:32:08 AM , Rating: 2
So... Tivo box=$800, subscription=$12.95+/mo, plus dual cable card rental? Ouch!

worth it?
By margon on 9/7/2006 9:54:34 AM , Rating: 2
I get the motorola dual tuner dvr from comcast for about 5 bucks a month aboth the cost of a regular hd tuner. I'm sure it's not as good as the tivo but I don't see how they can be successful charging that much.

It is too expensive, buuuut...
By jefmes on 9/7/2006 1:56:43 PM , Rating: 2
...the lack of an afforable HD TiVo is what's holding me back from going HD. I guess I'm a TiVo fanboy, but I've seen enough of what the cable and satellite providers hand out and I want nothing to do with those! Here's hoping they end up releasing a more affordable version.

By psychobriggsy on 9/7/2006 2:05:25 PM , Rating: 2
That's $955 + tax for the first year's use, then $155 + tax per year after.

Probably reasonable next to the HDTV, HD-DVD and HD service subscriptions though.

It used to be that people were happy to record in Long Play mode on a dodgy old VHS cassette that had been used 30 times before, on a creaky VHS recorder. Now they need to record in perfect quality HD! Then again, if I was paying for HD satellite or cable I'd want to be able to record it perfectly to get the most out of my subscription...

By DigitalFreak on 9/7/2006 2:32:51 PM , Rating: 2

Looks like Tivo will be "allowing" you to transfer your lifetime subscription from your Series 1 or 2 units to a Series 3 unit for a one-time $199 fee. Catch is, you have to purchase the Series 3 box before 12/31/06...

By Staples on 9/7/2006 8:40:16 PM , Rating: 2
I know the components in these things are not that cheap but I doubt TIVO is selling these things at a loss. If that is so, they need to drop the subscription price by a lot. The only reason that the Series 2 cost so much for TIVO to operate is because they use dial up modems. If these ones have broadband support, they will be a hellava lot cheaper for TIVO to serve. The membership price has to drop regardless now to think of it. My TIVO is a lot quicker than the TWC DVRs but this think will cost $13+16 a month for two cable cards.

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