Lowcost HD and DTV solution for worldwide use

ATI has announced its new Xilleon 260 HDTV system-on-chip set top box solution. The new Xilleon 260 is designed for set top boxes and television sets with compatibility with every high definition and digital television standard around the world including Europe, Japan, Korea and North America. ATI claims the Xilleon 260 has an exceptionally powerful video pipeline for SD and HD content. The Xilleon 260 has plenty of image enhancing features as well. Image enhancing features include high definition deinterlacing, 3D comb filter, dynamic contrast, noise reduction, sharpness and color control.

Dave Di Orio, Vice President and General Manager of ATI’s DTV group, claims "Xilleon 260 incorporates all the key technologies in a single chip solution that help to reduce the overall TV design cost compared to traditional multi-chip solutions. We're confident that Xilleon 260 reaffirms ATI's technology leadership position in the DTV market." With the FCC requiring cable providers to broadcast digital only signals in the near future, ATI Xilleon 260 based solutions may provide a cost effective solution for end users.

Also in ATI news, ATI has contacted DailyTech regarding a previously released article claiming ATI’s All-in-Wonder products are next on the chopping block. ATI PR has denied All-in-Wonder products are end-of-life, however ATI has not issued an official statement regarding possible end-of-life in the near future.

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