Reports suggest that Apple may skip Conroe completely

According to reports, next-generation iMacs will be powered by Core 2 Duo (Merom) processors. AppleInsider said that those close to Apple's design team revealed that coming September, Apple plans to announce a new 23-inch iMac powered by Core 2 Duo. The new iMac will be the largest iMac available.

The report also suggests that Apple will be favoring Merom and Woodcrest processors over Intel's Conroe (Core 2) processors. Apple was originally expected to use Conroe in its professional line of Mac Pro computers released last month. However, the Mac Pro was released using Xeon DP processors for their SMP capabilities -- Conroe on the other hand can only operate in a single-socket system. Analysts say that Merom will offer better power and thermal performance over Conroe, which is suitable for the design of the iMac.

DailyTech this week reported that Intel officially made Core 2 Duo processors available for notebooks. The new processor has been long-in-waiting after a well received but short run for Core Duo processors. Despite bringing better performance, analysts have said that those who are interested in true power savings and longer battery life will find Core Duo products to be superior. Actual performance however remains to be seen.

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