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AOpen i945GTt-VFA
AOpen announces Intel Core 2 Duo "Merom" compatible BIOS updates for its mini PC and motherboards

AOpen has announced its current mobile on desktop (MoDT) systems and motherboards fully support Intel’s recently announced Core 2 Duo Merom for notebook systems. All of AOpen’s Core Duo compatible systems and motherboards will accept Intel’s Core 2 Duo Merom with a simple BIOS update. This includes AOpen’s mini PC Duo MP945-VX, MP945-VXR systems and i975Xa-YDG, i945GTm-VHL and i945GTt-VFA motherboards.
DailyTech previously reported on AOpen’s mini PC Duo systems. AOpen sells the mini PC Duo systems as an OEM system manufacturers can customize accordingly. Specifications of the mini PC Duo MP945-VX and MP945-VXR systems include Intel’s 945GM chipset, integrated wireless 802.11b/g, six channel audio and TV out. Mini PC Duo MP945-VX and MP945-VXR systems feature Viiv technology as well.

The Core 2 Duo Merom motherboards vary from the full ATX i975Xa-YDG to the mini ITX i945GTt-VFA. The i975Xa-YDG features Intel’s 975X chipset with support for ATI’s CrossFire multi-GPU technology. It also features overclocking BIOS options as the ability to raise the front-side bus in 1 MHz increments. Expansion capabilities of the i975Xa-YDG include two half speed PCI Express x16 slots, two PCI Express x1, two PCI and four SATA ports.

The i945GTm-VHL is AOpen’s micro ATX variant and makes use of Intel’s 945GT north bridge with the ICH7M-DH south bridge. It features support for Intel’s Viiv technology and has a single PCI Express x16, one PCI Express x1 and two PCI slots.

Last on the list is AOpen’s i945GTt-VFA which is a mini ITX motherboard. It features limited expandability due to its size. The i945GTt-VFA uses SO-DIMM memory and has a single mini PCI and one PCI Express x1 slots.

These AOpen systems and motherboard have been available for a couple months now. Users who previously purchased these motherboards can download the Intel Core 2 Duo Merom compatible BIOS from AOpen’s website.

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RE: Price?
By shecknoscopy on 8/31/2006 1:20:51 PM , Rating: 2
Sure theres an X1300 card for PCIe 1x, but realistically, its not much better than the onboard :(

Yeah, PCIe 1x ~= AGP 2x is it? I always forget the exact data rates. In any case, you're not going to be cranking out Oblivion on this puppy. Oldblivion's another story...

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