Smartphones that make a big splash in 2017

- Apple iPhone 10
There are rumors that apple may skip number 8 & 9 iPhones and jump on iPhone 10. This iPhone also may feature a corner- to- corner touchscreen.
This device will run faster on A11 chip with 4GB RAM. It may come with 4.7” display and 5.2 “ display

- Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom
Asus new launch might be a smartphone “Zenphone3 Zoom” with dual rear 16MP cameras. Also may have 4GB RAM, 5000 mAh battery with 2 GHz octacore CPU. Along with a 5.5 “ touchscreen with full HD graphic support. And there will be Android 7.0 Nougat update.

- Microsoft surface Phone
As days pass by the reports and rumors gets stronger that Microsoft will launch its spanking new Surface Phone in Q2 of 2017.  This device will run on Windows OS with Kickstand similar to Surface Pro. This device with 5.5 “quad HD AMOLED display along with 4GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage, and may come with USB
Type - C charging port. And auto-focus front cameras as well as A21MP camera with dual tone LED flash.

- Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge
Even though Samsung had a tough year in the past but there were rumors that by regrouping they may launch a new 2017 Galaxy line-up.  This line-up may bring new Galaxy S series smartphones launching this year.   If this happens both will have curved display in different size.  S8, 5.7” will have 6 GB RAM and smaller will have 4GB but both will have 32 and 64 storage possibilities and options of using DS card. USB Type-C
GCHQ backs cyber security start-ups in new Cheltenham hub
The UK’s intelligence agency is backing a new help for tech start-ups in a rare glimpse into its approach to cybersecurity.  The firm using artificial intelligence is among the companies to monitor workplace behavior. They will have access to staff at the UK’s most secretive agency and help to support the country’s online security.

Could the UK be next to ditch FM for DAB?
Norway is the first country in the world to switch off its analogue radio signals. They say the digital signal gives better quality and coverage than analogue and for about eighth of the cost.
Ford Ennals, chief executive of Digital Radio UK, defends the decision on the Today program, saying FM stations are “ are fillet to capacity”. And he argues that there is a need for a new station to move to digital, which he calls  “ the future”.
Fury over India flag doormats for sale on Amazon (news report, bbc)
India’s foreign minister has criticized online retail giant Amazon after its Canadian website was fond that selling doormats featuring the Indian flag.
Sushma Swaraj demanded “unconditional apology” and removing the insulting product for market. Failing this, she said India would rescind current visas for Amazon officials and not grant any more.

Getty Image
 Amazon said it had removed the doormats from its site.

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