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Linksys has long been a major player in the router business. It was only a matter of time before they developed their own whole home Wi-Fi system.

Known simply as Velop, Linksys’ Wi-Fi system looks like a white slightly rounded rectangular home speaker at first glance. But make no mistake, this device is a true performer backed by Linksys who was purchased by Belkin International. 

Chet Pipkin, Belkin International Founder and CEO said, "Velop is a union of performance, design, and ease-of-use and provides what everyone wants – seamless, reliable Wi-Fi.  Linksys has set the bar for true mesh networking systems.”

The Velop can work as a stand-alone unit, or it can be paired with additional units to build a mesh network. Extra units are paired using a dedicate radio band separate from your Wi-Fi.

Velop comes with two Ethernet ports, and power port, a reset button, and am on/off switch all located underneath the bottom of the unit.

Photo Source: Techhive
This router is a tri-band router with three 2x2 radios (two uplink and two downlink) operating three independent networks on the 2.4- and 5GHz frequency bands. One of the 5GHz networks utilizes the lower channels on that band (36 and up) while the other uses the upper channels (149 and up).

The router automatically steers clients to the most appropriate network, and each automatically chooses a different channel for its backhaul duties (i.e., data traveling from client devices back to the router). You can also set up one guest network.

The Velop’s off-white vertical enclosure is perforated with ventilation holes on the left side, the back, and the top. There are six antennas hidden in the top.  
There is a app that allows you to setup parental controls and adjust settings right from your smartphone.

Velop will face stiff competition from the likes of Google Wi-Fi, Netgear’s Orbo, and Eero. This shouldn’t be a problem though.  Velop scored very well in benchmark tests conducted by Techhive.

Source: Techhive

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