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All-in-Wonder X1900 PCIe
AIW series to be discontinued

It appears that ATI's TV Wonder 650 tuners aren't the only items in the headlines these days. The next products to get the axe are ATI's All-in-Wonder multimedia video cards according to US PC distributors that carry ATI products. DailyTech first heard rumblings of the AIW line being discontinued a few months ago from several video card manufacturers. The latest insider information that we have from ATI distributors reveals that ATI will cease production of the entire All-in-Wonder series by the end of this month. ATI will instead focus on its stand-alone graphics cards and TV tuner solutions.

Whether this latest move represents a shift in market demand for graphics cards with built-in TV tuner functionality or simply a strategic move on the part of ATI in anticipation of the upcoming merger remains to be seen. AMD last month agreed to acquire ATI in a $5.4 billion USD deal. At that time, AMD and ATI announced what the future holds for CPU and GPU development. We would also like to point out that ATI's recent GPU roadmap made no mention of AIW products. 

ATI currently lists the AIW X1900 PCIe, AIW 2006 PCI, AIW 2006 Edition AGP and AIW X800 XT AGP on its website.

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All-in-Wonder Xpress chipset??
By danielc56 on 8/30/2006 2:21:17 PM , Rating: 2
My guess is ATI will move All-in-Wonder capabilities to their motherboard chipsets. It benefits them on several fronts:

1)Increases the value of their chipset line to AMD
2)Adds a feature not found in Nvidia or Intel chipsets
3)Most AIW features don't require a heavy-duty GPU
4)Far bigger sales of motherboard chipsets over AIW/TV cards
5)Allows better fit into SFF, set-top-boxes & peoples' living rooms
6)Simplifies their product line at the high-end (e.g. Crossfire)
7)GPUs change much faster than tv chips - RageTheater/Theater200 have handled AIW duties since '99 (Rage 128)

With their desire to get into the game physics arena, I think it makes sense to move all-in-wonder duties to their motherboard division. Otherwise we'll have to deal with cards names like:

" ATI All-in-Wonder Physeon X9950 XTZX Crossfire Edition " or some such nonsense.

I'd been waiting to get an AIW x800 for my PC. I noticed a nearly 50% drop in price in mid-August, from $270 to $150. It could be ATI is trying to clear out their inventory before making the formal switch.


By danielc56 on 8/30/2006 2:28:03 PM , Rating: 2
only to be succeeded by:

ATI All-in-Wonder Physeon X9950 ZTXX Crossfire Platinum Edition



RE: All-in-Wonder Xpress chipset??
By Schro on 8/30/2006 4:26:50 PM , Rating: 2
I purchased the AIW Rage Pro in 1998 ;-)

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