So long Chaintech, we hardly knew ye

DigiTimes reports Chaintech will exit the motherboard market. While Chaintech still produces motherboards, its motherboard division will be phased out as it enters the NAND flash memory business. Chaintech’s current memory business accounts for half of its sales and is expected to rise as Chaintech expands its memory business.

It appears Chaintech is waiting for flash memory prices to stabilize before it enters the memory business. Walton Chaintech representatives were quoted saying “Walton Chaintech will wait until the NAND flash prices become stable before it enters the NAND flash market, with future testing, packaging and module assembly to be done by its parent company Walton Advanced Engineering, the company was quoted as saying.”

Chaintech is not the first Taiwanese company to refocus its efforts into memory.  SiS, once one of the largest core-logic producers in Taiwan, announced this past May that the company would offer its own line of DRAM. 

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