PROset gets patched fast

Intel has admitted to a bug in a component of their PROSet connection software that causes excessive memory consumption. This was reported on DailyTech in an earlier article and confirmed by reporter Brandon Hill. The affected S24EvMon "Wireless Management Service" fails to properly release handles in the registry, causing a slow leak that consumes memory until the service or system is restarted.

According to Amy Martin, an Intel spokeswoman, the updated patch should be available on Intel's website Friday, but at the time of this posting, the patch is not yet available for download. In the interim, users who do not require the advanced configuration features of PROSet can uninstall the software and use the integrated Windows configuration utility.

So far, no exploits have been made public that utilize the vulnerabilities these drivers correct, the most severe of which could allow remote code execution on any laptop with the wireless radio enabled.

The updated Intel driver will be available here when it is released.

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