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Orion Crew Exploratin Vehicle - Image courtesy NASA

Orion Logo - Image courtesy
Project Orion will land Americans back on the moon by 2020

NASA made officially announced the name of its moon vehicle yesterday -- a week ahead of schedule. The reason for the early reveal was because an American astronaut on the international space station let the name slip over an open radio channel. "We've been calling it the crew exploration vehicle for several years, but today it has a name... Orion," said astronaut Jeffrey Williams. NASA officials denied the Orion name shortly after the leak, but later confirmed the name.

It should be noted that the name "Orion" will be the official project name for NASA's missions to the international space station and to the moon. Orion will also be the name of the four-man crew exploration vehicle (reminiscent of the old Apollo capsule). The Orion capsule is 16.5 feet in diameter and has a mass of 25 tons. It also has 2.5 the internal volume of the old Apollo capsules.

"Many of its stars have been used for navigation and guided explorers to new worlds for centuries. Our team, and all of NASA - and, I believe, our country - grows more excited with every step forward this program takes. The future for space exploration is coming quickly," said Orion Project Manager Skip Hatfield.

Orion will succeed the space shuttle as NASA's primary astronaut ferry and its first flight will take place before 2014. Orion's first trip to the moon should take place no later than 2020. If Orion does touchdown on the moon by 2020, it would represent a 50 year spread since the first time an American stepped foot on our nearest neighbor in space.

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Wate of money
By Loser on 8/24/2006 2:42:51 PM , Rating: 2
Unless they actually require people to build something there this is total waste of money and unneeded risc of lifes

RE: Wate of money
By mino on 8/24/2006 3:39:16 PM , Rating: 2
You are wrong, most money in such a program is spent on the research of new materials etc.

Some stuff researched during the hunt for the moon is appearing in commong industry only now. That was a huge stockpile of ideas and new stuff US build up during that period.The project will also help the economy.

Try compare the budget to the IraQ campaing budget, well the numbers tell what is more "important"...
Guess which one is more usefull to the mankind?

RE: Wate of money
By unparalleled intellect on 8/24/06, Rating: -1
RE: Wate of money
By Quincunx on 8/24/2006 5:21:52 PM , Rating: 1
Great, we've turned it into a damned political argument. Props to the people who brought up and followed through with those comments, except THIS THREAD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IRAQ. You could have easily shown that compared to other American budgets, NASA isn't so bad, without bringing Iraq into it. Doh! >.<

I vote for an admin post delete on those ones up there! ^ ^ ^

I really don't mind NASA spending a little money to take our minds and thoughts into space for a while. It's kind of neat out there. Don't tell me you wouldn't be interested in a live feed of a moon landing on your television..regardless of your thoughts on budgets or the 'real' status of the previous landing.

RE: Wate of money
By unparalleled intellect on 8/24/06, Rating: -1
RE: Wate of money
By spindoc on 8/24/2006 6:55:10 PM , Rating: 2

I'm not interested in the discussion on Iraq.

However, I must take exception to your comment:

" going to the moon doesn't really help much. "

The moon is a stepping stone before jumping to other planets in our solar system and beyond. There are over 6 billion people on this planet and as the population increases it is only a matter of time before we exceed the resources that our planet can provide. We should be able to pull resources from other planets or even colonize other worlds and stepping on the moon is the first logical step and I applaud NASA for planning to make that first step however misguided their intentions may be.

There are two choices based on current world population growth:

1. Find off world resources

2. Shrink the population (bloodbath)(to plagiarize)

Your negative comments on the subject are short sited and don't reflect that of a person with "unparalleled intellect"

I think most of the readers here would agree. See below.

By unparalleled intellect on 8/24/2006 4:33:19 PM , Rating: -1

RE: Wate of money
By Enoch2001 on 8/24/2006 4:14:35 PM , Rating: 2
Wate of money

By Loser on 8/24/2006 2:42:51 PM , Rating: 2

Unless they actually require people to build something there this is total waste of money and unneeded risc of lifes

Heh, like more funds for our education - particulary grammar?


RE: Wate of money
By Loser on 8/24/2006 5:13:15 PM , Rating: 2
oh yeah strike me where it hurts, my grammar skills -.- (english isnt my native language)
and no its NOT worth the financial effort of sending PEOPLE instead of robots just for the sake of it.

"We are going to continue to work with them to make sure they understand the reality of the Internet.  A lot of these people don't have Ph.Ds, and they don't have a degree in computer science." -- RIM co-CEO Michael Lazaridis

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