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Amazon files patent for flying warehouse
This warehouse is equipped with fleets of drones that deliver goods to key locations.
Carried by an airship, the warehouse would visit places Amazon expects demand for certain goods to boom. It is reported that one use could be near sporting events or festivals where they would sell food or souvenirs to spectators.
World’s highest bridge opens in China
The Beipanjiang Bridge in southern China has opened to traffic following three years of construction. Built above the Beipangjiang valley in Guizhou Province, the bridge boasts a 1,341-meter span.
Intel experts share insights on tech trends for 2017 and beyond.
In 2017, Al-powered systems will go from exploration to adoption in the enterprise. Everything and any data has produced synthesize and put to use, but, with artificial intelligence technologies.
3-D collaboration will emerge as a driving use case for AR/VR
Today augmented and virtual reality is most commonly used with gaming or entertainment. Where these uses without any doubt gains the ground, another ”killer app” for AR and VR has more in common with the rise of spreadsheets, word processing and e-mail.
Function will overtake form in automotive
Intel is dedicated to transforming the future of driving and designing the next generation of advanced driver assist systems and autonomous driving solutions.
Intel offers man foundation a computing and communications technologies. Also, Intel’s unit with compelling technology for the future of transportation is Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group formerly Altera.  
-Russia Vow response to diplomat expulsion from US
Russia has promised to respond to the expulsion of 35 of its diplomats from Washington, amid a bitter dispute over alleged Russian interference in the recent US presidential election. A spokesman for president Vladimir Putin said the Kremlin’s reaction would cause the US “significant discomfort”.

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