This is what the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) might look like.

This is how the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) might look like.

The website specification for the handset shows that the device may have a 5.2-inch screen with a Full HD display of 1080x1920 pixel resolution. Also, it may be powered by an octa- core Exynos 7880 SoC. along with 3GB RAM and 32 GB of Internal storage.
Xiaomi Mi headphones launched in China
Xiaomi also says that the new Mi headphones come with built –in dampening material that limits the impact of internal acoustic waves on the diaphragm.

LG announces PJ9 floating Bluetooth speaker, to be showcased at CES 2017


LG has added that when the battery of the LG PJ9 discharges, the floating speaker sits in the center of the base. The Bluetooth speaker supports wireless charging.
According to a report, Over 43% children enrolled at school use phones for Internet access, followed by other devices such as laptop, tablets, and PCs, a webwise report by Telenor said. The report also pointed out that 98.8% of school children are from urban areas while 49.5% of them access from home. Also, report added that most used platform by school going students are; whatsApp, Twitter and Instagram.  This increase in access enabled Internet and smartphone and lack of the knowledge may put the children in more risk of different types of cyber threats.
Japan PM in Hawaii for Pearl Harbor visit
Shinzo Abe Japanese PM has visited memorials in Hawaii, ahead of visit to Pearl Harbor, the US naval base attacked by the Japanese in 1941 that killed 2,300 US servicemen and pushed the US. Into World War Two.
Smartphones may cost more but …
Over the course of the past few years, smartphones has undergone the gradual advancement and expansions.  Now the same gadgets are more powerful with fast CPUs, and numerous communication radios.   Not only that, but the todays smartphones are multiage’s compacted in one, instead of carrying bunch of devices
Such as Portable Media Players (PMP), Alpha Elegant Dual, Apple iPod, FM radio receivers, (that many of you may never had seen it), (PDA) Personal Digital Assistants, GPS navigation systems, point and Shoot digital cameras, and remote controllers. Where, today almost every electronic comes with own remote controller, and the Portable gaming consoles. Therefore in my opinion it is worth of having a device that can be used for multiple purpose and Hassel free.  I am sure that cost of above-mentioned devices would not be less than some of the smartphones price if not more.   

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