Tax accounting software firm Avalara readies fro IPO: source

There is rumors that, Avalara Inc. tax accounting Software Company in US interviewed banks to help prepare for an initial public offering (IPO) that could come in 2017 and value the company at roughly $1 billion.
Avalara’s offering is another indication that the market is in favor of IPO technology. According to a report Avalara Spokeswoman Sheri Renner declined to comment on “ future financings” where the company has interviewed investment banks in recent days to hire underwriters for an IPO, the sources said, since the plans are not public yet therefore the Name not to be asked.

Germany threatens Facebook with tough action
Reported from Berlin: German officials are stepping up their criticism of Facebook, saying the social network in doing too little to stop the hate speech and could face stiff fines, unless it deleted illegal content faster.

According to a report, Justice Minister Heiko Maas said his ministry was checking whether it would be possible to make social networking sites legally liable for illegal posts.” Of course in the end, we also have to think about fines, if other measures fail to work,” Maas told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. “ That would be a strong incentive to act quickly.”
Icy roads lead to deadly travel day
Arctic Blast makes travel deadly in some States. Two people were killed and more injured when a gasoline tanker skidded off an icy road in Baltimore highway and exploded, as a result 55- vehicle pileup as a winter storm brought snow and ice to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, authorities said.

Doctor Henry Heimlich, died at age of 96
Dr. Heimlich invented the manoeuvre that the method was used to help choking victims. He died at a hospital in Cincinnati early on Saturday from heart attack complications, which he suffered on Monday.
Nine deaths reported in Vancouver in one day from fentanyl opioid overdose 
In Vancouver in the past 24 hours from drug (painkiller fentanyl) overdose, said officials.

Gregor Robertson Mayor said it was “desperate times” for the Canadian city, adding that more deaths were expected.  The drug abuse in Canada claimed the lives of 2000 People in year 2015.


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