Pressure on Yahoo continues to grow since the Internet company Yahoo revealed that the company had experienced another hacking attack in 2013. The company’s shares closed down more than 6% on Wall Street on fears that a recent sale deal with Verizon facing an uncertainly.

The 2013 attack was uncovered when cyber security experts and the police investigating the year 2014 attack that affected more than 500K accounts which is data security’s largest attack in history.
According to reports in the US, telecommunications Verizon, which agreed to buy Yahoo’s Core Internet business in July for $4.8 Billion, but now, trying to put pressure on Yahoo to amend the terms of the purchase contract agreement to reflect the economic damage from the two hacks.
China ‘seizes US vessel’ in S China Sea
The US has issued a formal request to China to deliver an unmanned underwater drone that was seized in international water, US officials say.

The USNS Bowditch was in the region to conduct research
The incident tool place, as the USNS Bowditch, and oceanographic survey ship was about to retrieve it.  The device dubbed an “ocean glide” was used to test temperature and level of salt in the water, officials say.
According to Pentagon spokesman Capt Jeff Davis report, the data was part of an unclassified program to map underwater channels.   This is action will increase uncertainty and tension between to countries.
The latest cyber threat is Drone jacking
Cyber criminals will take advantage of the rise in use of drones, leading to the hijacking to flying machines, to steal packages and cameras, knock out surveillance cameras. Which recently Amazon’s first customer delivery by drone took place in UK  

Facebook start red flagging the fake news.
Facebook will begin flagging fake news and stories by red flag, and with help of users and with organizations such as fact-checking website Snopes, ABC news and the Associated Press will check the authenticity of the news/stories.
Smartphones may soon help in testing.
Scientists have developed and automated diagnostic test reader for antimicrobial resistance using a smartphone; this technology may lead to routine testing for antimicrobial resistance and beyond. 

“And I don't know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don't even get it. What are they trying to say?” -- Bill Gates on the Mac ads

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