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Pirate our software, lose your job

Think Secret reports Apple retail store employees have been axed for illegally acquiring developer builds of Apple’s unreleased Mac OS X Leopard operating system. Mac OS X Leopard was given out to developers at Apple’s WWDC event earlier this month and leaked out to the public.

previously reported on leaked screen shots of Mac OS X Leopard earlier today too. The Apple retail store employers obtained a leaked copy and were overhead discussing the matter with other employees. The discussion was overheard and Apple corporate investigated the matter after word had reached Apple’s office in Cupertino, CA.

The employees were immediately fired after admitting to obtaining the illegal software. Obtaining illegal copies of Apple software is a clear violation of Apple’s terms of service, or TOS, for retail store employees. Furthermore, the Apple employees had also signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) about upcoming software, which resulted in a second infraction.

The dismissed employees, when questioned, responded with "All of us know that we violated our NDA and ethics policy. Therefore, because we had the character to tell the truth and to face the consequences of our actions, we were terminated," said one of the fired employees, who spoke with Think Secret on condition of anonymity. "My only question is, if we all lied and denied it would we still be working at Apple today? Even more so, is that the kind of person that Apple wants working for them?"

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RE: Flawed logic
By 1983myfirstmac on 8/23/2006 9:34:58 AM , Rating: 2
FACE It, the real CRIME would have been if the Apple Employee aided in giving a person not covered by an Apple Non Discloser Agreement.

Funny Apple NOW gets so TIGHT.

In the late 80's and Early 90's I was General Manager of an Apple Dealer in the Chicago Area. They were opening some new big Box Retailers, such as COMP USA and others. There was a Midwest Dealer Meeting in Chicago where Apple met with dealers to try to exlain thier Business Plan.

Well the Dealers gave tons of questions in the QA time. I was finally Recongnized by one of the presenters, an Apple VP of Sales.

I said, I am fully behind you doing whatever you wish. That is your business. But I do have concerns on how you administrate your policies. We were forbidden to sell to Mail order companies, or to other computer companies for Resale, yet there was a thriving Mail order business. I personally had the opportunity to sell Millions and Millions of Dollars worh of Mac, into the Russian market. I was constantly turning down opportunities, and complying to the rules.

I said Sir, I have a problem how you administrate your policy. I said a part time High School Student with a Credit card, and one Apple Lawyer, could easily adiministate these poliies of yours. I was given some mombo jumbo answer and he moved on. But later in the Socal eating and drinking part of the night, the Apple VP caught up with me and was very upset, saying I was undermining the meeting and bringing up issues that were not my concern.

I said that I am constantly loosing business to Mail Order Companies, and the these companies are driving my Price Point DOWN.

Well... ..... the NEXT day all the shit hit the fan, as a number of high level Apple people called both me and OUR Owner, asking if we still wished to remain an Apple Dealer.

Needless to say, Apple continued with such policies, and lack of inforcment, and Most of the Many Apple Dealerships are just HISTROY. Worse... over the next 10 - 15 years they lost tens of thousands of Highly Trained Sales, support, and technical people who were responcible for putting Apple in the position they were in, only to be replaced by Apple Stores loosely spotted in the Big Cities.

So.... I guess my point is.... Apple is QUICK to act TOOO Quickly, and not get down to the root problem or issue.

Had these employees distributed the software to non Apple people, or outside the Apple Developers Community, then there would have been a BIG DEAL. For personal use, slap the hand and say please dont...

Lets face it. Computer software, is a lot of smoke and mirrors , and programmers stealing ideas and code from one another. Mac came from the Xerox Star. I have worked both with and for Developers, and have known many many high level programmers. They love to reverse engineer each others code to see how things are don, and how they could take something put their own twist on it and make it better.

We in the Mac Community are in DIRE NEED of Mac Evangelist... and people pushing the MAC. With todays technical ability, Apple has a dozen ways to keep the Unreleased product out of the hands of the Non Apple Developers or those who dont belong using it.

APPLE>>>....... FIXXX YOUR OWN PROBLEM OF LEAKS FIRST.... before you pick on some poor working man... for being eager to see whats new,

Start using Dongles, or the Internet to secure usage of products.

>.... and yes my first mac was under non disclosure, in October of 1983...... so I know and respect NON Disclosures....

"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser
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