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New Dell Dimension desktops using AMD processors coming in September

Dell first stunned the tech industry by announcing back in May that it would adopt AMD Opteron processors for its server systems. In the past few weeks there has been increasing speculation over Dell's use of AMD processors in notebooks. Although there was confirmation of the move from an unnamed Dell executive as well as from a general manager of AMD’s Taiwanese operations, the company still has not released an official statement regarding the use of AMD processors in the mobile sector. The company did, however, announce today its plans to incorporate AMD processors into its Dimension desktop range next month along with dual-socket and multi-processor servers using AMD Opteron processors.

Dell’s adoption of AMD processors for the desktop confirms an earlier report by a Citigroup analyst back in mid-June. At the time, analyst Jeff Young reported that Dell would announce entry-level desktops using AMD processors in September -- the prediction was right on the money. Although Dell failed to go into detail on how many product lines within the Dimension family would be introduced or what processors would be used, speculation has been that Sempron and Athlon 64 X2 processors will be used.

As for AMD Opteron processors in Dell severs, the announcement comes at a time when Intel is now showing off a competitive alternative in the form of Woodcrest. Early testing has shown that Woodcrest outperforms the latest AMD Opteron processors across the board while offering lower power consumption. The same could be said for Intel on the desktop as its Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors have pretty much swept the boards in performance. It wasn’t too long ago that AMD was enjoying this enviable position in both the desktop and server arena.

But Dell shouldn’t be too concerned at the moment at AMD isn’t sitting still. On the August 15, AMD announced its new Opteron Socket F processors which take advantage of DDR2 memory and a new socket design. The new dual-core processors are available in speeds ranging from 1.8GHz to 2.8GHz and can also be had in HE variants which consume just 55 watts of power. On the same day, AMD also announced that it had taped out its first native quad-core Opterons. The quad-core processors will be delivered to customers in mid-2007.

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RE: Dell hates speed
By animedude on 8/18/2006 12:59:17 AM , Rating: 0
Are you saying Netburst is kicking A64's ass?

In short term, Intel isn't going to ramp up C2D fast enough to meet the market's demand. As far as the consumer market goes, they don't need the speed of C2D. Pick up the lowest C2D + MB can get you up at $400+ while X2 3800 + MB will only cost $250 - $300. I can spend that $100 - $150 on video card or ram. Dell is doing this for consumer, not for high end gamers.

RE: Dell hates speed
By defter on 8/18/2006 3:55:31 AM , Rating: 2
Are you saying Netburst is kicking A64's ass?

No he is saying exact opposite:
A64 was faster than Netburst, Dell chooses Netburst
C2D is faster than A64, Dell chooses A64

As far as the consumer market goes, they don't need the speed of C2D.

LOL, but they need the speed of A64X2? Why not pick a $40 Celeron and $40 AsRock motherboard in that case :)

RE: Dell hates speed
By dgingeri on 8/18/2006 11:08:55 AM , Rating: 2
LOL, but they need the speed of A64X2? Why not pick a $40 Celeron and $40 AsRock motherboard in that case :)

Dell already does that. That's nearly their whole retail, end user level sales. They don't sell fast, expensive computers. They sell cheap, slow ones that most people use just to suff the web and check e-mail. And their tech support sucks and aurgues about what the problem is.

If you want to find a good, fast computer for editing photos and video or a good business machine, buy HP. If you want good service, buy HP.

I had 2 bad hard drives on 2 laptops. One was a Dell that was 2 years into a 3 year Complete Care warranty with "Gold Tech Support". The other was an HP 1 year into a 3 year send in warranty with standard tech support. The HP hard drive I got the next day that I could replace and send the bad one back to them. With Dell, I argued with them for 4 days about it being a bad hard drive that the system wouldn't recognize and another drive would. Then they had to send out a tech to replace the drive. They wouldn't just send me the drive. It took a total of 2 weeks to get that replaced and the user back to working on his own machine.

The PC industry isn't in trouble, Dell is.

RE: Dell hates speed
By kingpotnoodle on 8/19/2006 3:11:15 PM , Rating: 2
If you want to find a good, fast computer for editing photos and video or a good business machine, buy HP. If you want good service, buy HP.

Dell and HP machines use the same parts pretty much, pretty much the same performance. Likewise for all mass produced clone PCs. Most users don't play games or do graphics/video work - they don't use 25% of their Celeron's power so what difference does a little make anyway?

And HP customer service sucks, badly - I work in IT, I deal with HP regularly, nearly every component they send under warranty is late, they don't call back, they are rude and incompetant on the phone. They basically admitted to me on the phone once their stock room staff were lazy about updating the system with what had been dispatched and had no idea where my new hard drive was, meanwhile my server on a NBD service contract sat without a hotspare for over a week while they scratched their arse.

Honestly, HP are no better than anyone else - nobody cares about little Jo Average - they barely even care about the business customers paying for NBD service contracts.

RE: Dell hates speed
By headbox on 8/19/2006 3:32:08 AM , Rating: 1
Hi Animedude, take an entry level course in reading comprehension.

"I mean, if you wanna break down someone's door, why don't you start with AT&T, for God sakes? They make your amazing phone unusable as a phone!" -- Jon Stewart on Apple and the iPhone
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