Hewlett-Packard is the first major hardware provider to support an offering from a non-commercial community-based OS

Hewlett-Packard has announced that it plans to begin supporting the Debian Linux distribution for customers around the world by the end of the year.  The company plans to support Debian for the HP BladeSystem and ProLiant computer servers.  HP also mentioned that it will provide support directly to consumers rather than working through a third party service. 

Other HP announcements during LinuxWorld:
  • Industry’s first Debian Linux, customizable thin client from a tier-one vendor. The new HP t5725 Thin Client can be easily customized with thousands of Debian applications to meet the requirements of both mainstream users and specialized industries, such as retail and healthcare. The t5725 also is an ideal solution for kiosk environments
  • Improved serviceability for Linux customers, including remote monitoring and diagnosis tools shipped with each HP server running Linux. The tools are backed by HP service and support, which successfully manages more than 99 percent of all Linux support calls internally without escalation to independent software vendors (1)
  • Industry-leading Linux on blade solutions offered through the HP BladeSystem Solution Builder Program now include a tested solution stack for Oracle® Database 10g with Real Application Clusters and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 for the HP ProLiant BL25p and BL45p server blades.
HP also supports Red Hat and Novell SUSE.  Analysts explain that the company added Debian because HP would be able to avoid subscription fees that come with open-source software operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise or Novell SuSe.  However, HP will not market Debian, and customers will be responsible to download it themselves.  HP also has declined to certify Debian for its servers. 

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