Digital Cowboy DCT-FUTA1

Kuroutoshikou EXCARD-LPCIE, Image Courtesy of PC Watch
Because we care

PCI Express x1 cards have been quite scarce since its release a couple years ago. Two Japanese companies have released new PCI Express x1 adapters for desktop PCs that convert PCI to PCI Express x1 and ExpressCard to PCI Express x1.

The Digital Cowboy DCT-FUTA1 utilizes a PLX Technology PEX 8111 PCI to PCI Express bridge chip and accommodates low profile PCI cards. PLX Technology also supplies the PEX 8532 bridge for ATI Gemini graphics cards too. As this is a generic PCI to PCI Express adapter it should theoretically be able to work with any PCI card.

Kuroutoshikou has released a PCI Express x1 to ExpressCard adapter too. ExpressCard is the PCI Express based PCMCIA replacement standard for notebooks. The EXCARD-LPCIE is a regular expansion card that has an ExpressCard slot in the back plate. It also adds one extra USB 2.0 port. ExpressCard peripherals include various networking devices such as the Verizon V640, Dell Wireless 5700 Mobile Broadband ExpressCard, Novatel XU870 ExpressCard and Linksys EC1000 Gigabit adapter.

There’s no mention if these adapters will make it across the pond, though there’s always the option of importing.

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