Dell's new 15.4" notebooks to get ATI chipsets and graphics controllers

DailyTech reported a few days ago that representatives from both AMD and Dell have confirmed that Dell would begin shipping 15.4" notebooks in Q4 ’06 that will be powered by AMD Sempron and Turion 64 X2 processors. The move gives AMD even greater exposure from one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world. The latest news from DigiTimes states that those new notebooks will be paired up with ATI graphics controllers as well.

The fact that Dell would choose to pair mobile AMD processors with ATI chipsets and graphics controllers shouldn't come as a surprise to many -- there are already a number of AMD-based notebooks that use this combination. However, the news takes on an even greater significance now that AMD has acquired ATI. With AMD and ATI engineers working together as one to build powerful, high performance platforms with great stability for server, notebook and desktop platforms, it makes the products even more attractive to manufacturers.

In the mobile sector, the industry has always looked towards Intel's Centrino platform which pairs Intel processors with Intel motherboard chipsets and Intel-based wireless controllers. With AMD based mobile solutions, you might see an AMD processor backed by an ATI or NVIDIA motherboard chipset and a Broadcom or Marvell-based wireless adapter. While there is nothing wrong with this piecemeal approach, a single platform designed in house would be optimum. The acquisition of ATI affords AMD this opportunity and we expect to see great things as a result in the future.

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