Did you ever think that you could compare a smartphone to a grenade? Think about it. You unplug your smartphone and it explodes. You pull the pin on a grenade and... well you get the picture.

Photo Source: SAMMOBILE

According to sources, Samsung Galaxy Note 7s are exploding or catching fire due to faulty batteries.  Over the past few days, reports from United States and even South Korea tell of Note 7s exploding during charging or after you unplug them from the charger.


Photo Source: Android and Me

A United States YouTuber going by the name Ariel Gonzales posted a YouTube video of his 2-week old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that catch fire right in his hands.

Video Source: Ariel Gonzalez

Yonhap News, a news agency in Seoul, South Korea confirmed five documented cases of Galaxy Note 7 devices catching fire.  

A Samsung official told Yonhap that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions and fires have been traced back to the device’s battery and could be remedied by swapping out the bad battery.

Yesterday, Samsung halted all shipments of the troubled Galaxy Note 7 pending further investigation and preliminary testing. Today, just a few weeks after launch, Samsung has announced announced a recall of the Galaxy Note 7. Yonhan reported that Samsung was planning the recall yesterday and was working out the details with all carriers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a clear fan favorite after the Samsung Galaxy S7.  Even though the affected Galaxy Note 7 devices only account for about 0.1 percent of the entire volume sold, this turn of events has hurt Samsung in a major way.  Samsung shares have fallen to the tune of a 3.5% during trading in Seoul. That amounts to approximately $7 billion dollars.

Even worst is the fact that Apple’s big San Francisco event is right around the corner on September 7th. 

This event promises the unveiling of Apple’s long awaited iPhone 7.

One company’s tragedy is another company’s opportunity.

Sources: Yahoo Tech, Yonhap, Sammobile, GSM Insider

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