President Obama is in the Cupertino camp when it comes to the iOS vs. Android debate

Fans of President Barack Hussein Obama II (D) take note -- the President has become a part time user of Apple, Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone.

Traditionally Canadian smartphone make BlackBerry, Ltd. (TSE:BB) (former known as RIM) was the only smartphone OEM with a solution with sufficient security certifications to make it usable by the President of the United States (POTUS).  But as of iOS 8, Apple appears to have achieved sufficient enterprise and security certifications to make it an option, as well.

Twitter Inc. (TWTR) is the most used microblogging platform in the U.S.  Not surprisingly the President has embraced it -- or more aptly his staff has.  Currently his staff maintain two official accounts -- @BarackObama and @WhiteHouse.  But contrary to popular belief, those aren't usually used by the President himself.

But now the President has an account of his own, which will carry Tweets he (ostensibly) makes himself -- @POTUS.  His first post reads: But many are taking note not of the post but of its metadata which shows that it was posted from an Apple iPhone, using the official iOS Twitter app.  In 2013 President Obama had told TIME that he wished he was able to use an iPhone, but his security staff was forcing him to stick with a BlackBerry.  Last year he was rumored to be eyeing a switch to a device using Google Inc.'s (GOOG) Android, but that rumor died off pretty fast.  Fast forward to present and it seems relatively clear where the President stands in the Android vs. iOS race.

Obama on iPhone
President Obama is seen here using a smartphone. [Image Source: White House]

Does this mean he finally got his wish of using a shiny new iPhone?  Sort of, according to an unnamed White House official quoted by Buzzfeed News.  That official says that while the President's day-to-day smartphone will remain the incumbent (BlackBerry).  However, while at the White House the President now has office to a second device -- an iPhone owned by the Executive Office of the President.

With many large enterprise clients switching to either secure Android options or iPhones the days of mixed used at the White House may not last long.  Ford Motor Comp. (F) is among the latest to switch from BlackBerry to iPhone.

For now, future aside, iPhone users can cheer and Android users can jeer (or was it vice versa?) -- the President is an iPhone user at long last.  (Sort of.)

Sources: Twitter (@POTUS), Buzzfeed News

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