In addition to the new middle finger emoji, there's also new "classic" style yellow face emojis, and even the Vulcan salute

Emojipedia, a primary internet's source of news of information on emojis (no, for real), has outed an interesting new addition to Windows 10 -- the middle finger.  Yes, the birds will be fly in Windows 10.

The singularly erect middle finger --  a hand gesture widely associated in the western world with the phrase "f*ck you" or something similar -- has long been absent from "official" emoji sets from Google Inc. (GOOG), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Facebook, Inc. (FB), and Apple, Inc. (AAPL).  Other hand gestures, such as the peace sign, have popped up over time, though.

Microsoft appears confident enough to make the edgy decision of adding the middle finger to the mix.  Of course these are art files for a test build, so it's possible the feature could yet be scrapped for the final release, should the Tipper Gore crowd come out of the woodwork.

Middle finger emoji

To Microsoft's credit it's offered up the most racially diver set of middle fingers ever, with a range of flesh tones ranging from pale pink to darker brown.  And learning from the recent backlash over "netural" yellow skinned emojis in Apple's iOS (which some construed to be a racist depiction of Asians), Microsoft has adopted gray as its neutral tone for emojis.

(Apple is not alone in emoji controversy.  Facebook recently had to remove its "feeling fat" emoji after backlash from obesity pride groups.)

At the same time Microsoft wisely avoids coloring the more cartoonish yellow circle-faced emojis altogether.  There's several new "classic" style emojis, including a new masked one (sick?), a shocked one, and a fuming mad one.

Emojis -- classic style

There's new emojis for haircuts...

Emojis -- haircut

...and for other hand gesures, including the high five and the Vulcan salute.

Emojis -- other hand gestures

One way Microsoft simplified its "diverse" people-like emoji options was to use a bald headed man for some of the options to eliminate the hair modifier.  Former CEO Steve Ballmer would be proud.  This design direction can be seen in the "praying man" emoji below from Windows 10:

Windows 10

Just remember, emojis may seem silly, but scientific studies have shown emojis users have more sex, on average.  For a full list of the emoji changes with a few more new emojis, jump over to the Emojipedia piece.

Sources: Emojipedia, via The Verge

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