Cornice boosts capacity and lowers power consumption

Cornice has just announced its fifth generation small form factor hard drive. The company's new 1" 12GB Dragon hard drive will be available for a wide variety of OEM applications including mobile phones, portable media players and gaming devices. The 40mm x 30mm x 3.5 mm hard drive weighs in at a scant 10.5 grams.

Cornice was not only to boost the capacity of its Dragon line, but it also was able to decrease power consumption by 50% and represents just 5% of the total power consumption in an average MP3 player. Cornice's Crash Guard technology protects the drive from the rigors of everyday use and consists of Active Latch (locks head in place with an active latch mechanism), Skip Control (provides continues playback without skipping) and Drop Safe (locks the head in the event of a drop).

Cornice’s new 12GB Dragon hard drive is expected to be available in Q3 2006 with a price tag of $85 in quantities of 10,000.  Seagate recently announced its 12GB one inche drive, the ST1.3 series.

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