A Snapdragon 810, 20 megapixel rear camera, Ultrapxel selfie camera, and support for HTC/Under Armour smartwatch are key selling points

HTC Corp.'s (TPE:2498) latest flagship smartphone, dubbed the HTC One M9 (2015) is scheduled for a March unveil.  The third generation HTC One's spec has been the subject of intense rumors in recent months.  Now we finally have a fairly solid confirmation on what to expect thanks to a leak direct from HTC which was revealed by Bloomberg on Monday.  Bloomberg writes that the source is considered credible given their accurate information on past leaks.

The spec details leaked to Bloomberg include:
  • Sense 7 UI skin
  • Gold, gray, and silver toned metal bodies
  • Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) Snapdragon 810 system-on-a-chip
  • Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (DLB) Surround Sound 5.1 w/ dual stereo speakers
  • 20 megapixel camera (rear) + Ultrapixel (4 megapixel?) front "selfie" camera
  • Support for linking with companion HTC smartwatch tied to Under Armour Inc.'s (UA) Fitness Tracker and powered by Under Armour software
HTC Ultrapixel selfie camera
HTC is reportedly bringing its Ultrapixel technology to the "selfie" front camera with the HTC M9 (2015).

Still unknown is the screen resolution (it's rumored to use a 2K, aka "quad-HD" or QHD, display), camera details (Does it have optical image stabilization?  Most think it will.), and other finer spec details (memory, storage, battery size, etc.).

HTC hasn't disappointed the last couple generations, although it hasn't always seen sales success reflective of its device quality (notably seeing poor sales of the first-generation HTC One in early 2013).  Things have been turning around, though, and the HTC One M9 should continue to be a top contender in H1 2015 in affluent smartphone markets, including the U.S., Australia, Japan, and Europe.

Under Armour
HTC reportedly has partnered up with Under Armour for fitness tracking w/ a pending smartwatch.

HTC has thus far been a holdout in the smartwatch craze, despite persistent rumors that it's planning a wearable.  However, with the backing of Under Armour, the world's fastest growing sportswear company, it should draw some fans for its tardy smartwatch, assuming the device is worthy in the looks/style department.

Source: Bloomberg

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