It now is hard selling feature to users, by turning on the enhancements as the default option

Users uploading photos from Apple, Inc. (AAPL) iOS devices or devices running Google Inc. (GOOG) to the official Facebook, Inc. (FB) mobile apps were in for a surprise this week.

The updated app from the social network now offers the option to "auto-enhance" their photos, which is turned on by default.  Basically, this option applies auto tone, contrast, and color adjustments.  But it also does a bit more, detecting lighting and shadowings and adjusting them appropriately.

The enhancements can be turned off.  Facebook also offers users the ability to crop their uploaded mobile photos.

Facebook mobile

This isn't all that new hat.  Google automatically enhances all uploads to its Google+ social network and sharing site, both from the PC and from mobile devices.  Still Google+ has only a fraction of Facebook's massive 1B+ human userbase.  Facebook has no announced plans to bring the feature to the browser Facebook client, but otherwise it's now matched pace wth Google on this feature.

Sources: TechCrunch, via The Verge

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