New options is only available for those paying for $199/year "Pro" service

Video sharing service Vimeo, a YouTube competitor owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI), had become the latest to add "UHD" video to its portfolio, according to a report by Gigaom.  Typically defined at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, UHD packs 4x the pixel resolution as 1080p (aka "full high definition" or FHD).  The format is also known as "4K" video.

Google Inc.'s (GOOG) YouTube announced streaming support for "4K" (aka. "ultra high definition", or UHD) video (via the VP9 free codec) earlier this year.  Today a small amount of content is available from the popular video sharing site.  Netflix Inc. (NFLX) also has added support for streaming a small amount of 4K programming compatible with the small, but growing number of 4K televisions, laptops, and PC monitors.  Netflix eschews VP9 for a pure HEVC H.265 codec.

Vimeo's new ability is limited to uploading and downloading 4K videos.  Content providers will have the option of charging for 4K downloads.
The 4K options are only available to suscribers of the Vimeo Pro plan, a premium offering which currently costs $199 USD/year.  Vimeo Pro also removes bandwidth caps, offers content uploaders more storage space, and offers them analytics to track and monetize their content.

Vimeo still lacks a streaming offering for 4K content.  A streaming 4K option may evenutally be added to Vimeo's video-on-demand (VOD) services.  But it says that will likely come early next year.  Andrew Pile, Vimeo's chief technology officer (CTO) told Gigaom:

It’s pretty early for streaming, [but] the new iMac is gonna be a turning point.

The new "5K" Apple iMac

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) recently introduced an iMac with an eye-popping "5K" display -- a 5120x2880 pixel resolution screen which Apple boasts is the "world’s highest resolution display."  Certain Android smartphone manufacturers are rumored to be prepping 4K smartphones for a launch next year.

Sources: Gigaom, via The Verge

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