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Historical pricing of the ATI Radeon X1900 CrossFire - Image courtesy AnandTech
Cheap ultra-high end Radeons are upon us

For those of you who can't wait until the Radeon X1950 to debut on the 23rd, ATI has already started to cut pricing on the ASICs for the Radeon X1900 series cards: Radeon X1900 CrossFire, X1900XTX, X1900XT and X1900GT.  Essentially, all of the ATI cards have shifted down a price tier, leaving the top $500 price tag open for the Radeon X1950. 

The pricing change began to affect some merchants early this week, with the majority of the merchants following suit now.  Here are a few of the average price changes over the last few days:
Although the price reduction has mostly affected built-by-ATI cards, Sapphire and PowerColor are also starting to see some movement on the new pricing.  Expect to see the rest of the industry follow shortly, and definitely expect to see all pricing adjusted before August 23th.  ATI distributors claim there will be some availability of Radeon X1950 on the launch day.

The Radeon X1950 is ATI's first GDDR4 graphics card.  The card is expected to fill in the pricing tier of the older Radeon X1900s. 

Update 08/09/2006:
We originally published the release date for Radeon X1950XTX was August 27.  This was a typo and the correct date is in fact August 23.

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RE: verdict: wait for DX10 parts
By oddity21 on 8/8/2006 9:28:31 AM , Rating: 2
I myself am going for either the G80 or R600 for my new build. Just bought a 700W PSU. Let's hope that will be enough for an SLI/CF setup...

RE: verdict: wait for DX10 parts
By rrsurfer1 on 8/8/2006 11:40:07 AM , Rating: 2
SLI - doubtful. If you go high-end your talking nearly 300w per card, that leaves 100w to run the rest of your system. If you go with the base model it should use something like 150w if the rumors are correct, which you could handle. God knows what kind of cooling system will be required with those inefficient monsters... CPU-style coolers on each chip...

RE: verdict: wait for DX10 parts
By Seer on 8/8/2006 1:09:29 PM , Rating: 2
You're exaggerating the power needs. 700 should be enough.

By rrsurfer1 on 8/8/2006 2:03:59 PM , Rating: 2
Your "700 should be enough" is only a guess, too. The rumors put the new generation at between 140 to 300+ watts. If it's 300*2, the it is indeed 600, which IS 100w for the system, far too low to run stably off a 700w supply.

But we'll both have to wait and see, unless you are employed by either ATI or nVidia ;)

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