It only took three years...

Many people take issue with "finally" being used to describe the arrival of a feature or a new product, but the word is truly apt in this instance. Apple has finally made a tool available which resolves an iMessages bug that has lingered since 2011. 
As we previously discussed, the bug occurs when a user tries to leave the iOS/iPhone ecosystem to move to a competing platform such as Android or Windows Phone. Text messages that are sent from iPhone users to your new Android or Windows Phone are hijacked by iMessage and never delivered. 
Apple has stated in the past that simply disabling iMessage before moving to another platform would resolve the issue, but this wasn't the case for many users. In addition, for users that didn't still have access to their old iPhone, this was not even a viable option. 

Apple's new web tool completely fixes this problem by allowing you to enter in the phone number that was previously associated with an iPhone. Apple will then send a text to that number with a verification code. After that code is re-entered on Apple's website, your phone number is completely deregistered from iMessage. 
Once this action is completed, texts sent to your phone number from iPhone users will default to SMS/MMS instead of iMessage. 
Why it took three years to solve this problem remains a mystery, but at least there is now a solution for those that have been fighting this nagging issue. 

Source: Apple

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs

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