Microsoft fitness band will be available starting tomorrow

Microsoft is branching out into the ripe wearables market with it new fitness band, which is simply called “Microsoft Band”. Microsoft Band isn’t quite a smartwatch, but it does pack enough functionality to make it a perfect companion for your smartphone or a standalone wearable.
We first have to mention that the Microsoft Band comes packing a variety of sensors including an optical heart rate sensor, gyro, GPS, galvanic skin response sensor, and UV sensor (among others) to monitor every aspect of your workout routine. And all of this information is displayed through a 310x102 color display (Microsoft brags that there will be over 130 different backgrounds that can be selected for the display).

Battery life for the device is listed at 48 hours per charge.
What makes the Microsoft Band compelling is that rather than being tied to one platform, it will work with Windows Phone (of course) along with Android and iOS though a Health companion app. Microsoft is truly being inclusive as the Health apps will even be compatible with the motion co-processors (M7/M8) on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus as well as Android Wear devices. Microsoft is also working to ensure compatibility with products from Jawbone and Runkeeper.

And while it’s not a fully-fledged smartwatch, the Microsoft Band can provide basic notifications for emails, texts, and tweets.
The Microsoft Band will be available starting today for $199.

Source: Microsoft

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