OLPC forges an alliance with Wikipedia

Following the reports from the OLPC committee that the original quotes for OLPC orders were exaggerated, Wikipedia has just released a newswire claiming that an offline version of Wikipedia will be included on the $100 laptop

"We are very pleased to have our content featured on the OLPC laptops," said Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. "OLPC's mission goes hand in hand with our goal of distributing encyclopedic knowledge, free of charge, to every person in the world. Not everybody in the world has access to a broadband connection. This is exactly the type of project that advances Wikipedia's core mission."

Wikipedia currently hosts about 1.2M articles in English, with approximately another 3.4M articles hosted in other languages.  Taking Wikipedia offline for a static version is nothing new: the entire German-language edition (approximately 300,000 articles) is distributed onto 9GB DVD-ROM semi-regularly.  The offline German version also comes with about 100,000 images.

Wikipedia and OLPC have not announced which languages will be distributed with the OLPCs, or which articles will appear in the final revision either.

"This is from the It's a science website." -- Rush Limbaugh
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