webOS is still alive, and its next destination might be your wrist

Earlier this week, it was revealed that LG has a call-capable smartwatch in development that would follow the existing G Watch and G Watch R. At the time, we surmised that the device would likely continue to use the Android Wear operating system, but it looks like a new challenger has appeared.
LG, which is currently using webOS in its lineup of Smart TVs, earlier today teased a software development kit for webOS-based smartwatches (that site has since been taken offline). It appears that like Samsung, LG doesn’t want to rely solely on Google to ensure its success in the smartwatch sector. Samsung has a number of Tizen-based smartwatches that ranging from the basic Galaxy Gear to the Gear S, which is equipped with a SIM slot and can make phone calls.

Given that Samsung is controlling both the hardware and software aspects of development, it’s able to achieve battery life of 2 to 3 days with its smartwatches compared to around one day with the current crop of Android Wear devices.
If LG goes the same route with webOS for smartwatches, it too could have more control over optimizing all aspects of software and hardware. In addition, LG wouldn’t be constrained by the limits put in place by Google with Android Wear (with the exception of the physical design of existing Android Wear smartwatches, the UI and how they function is near identical from device to device).

Source: The Verge

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