Gears of War to go head to head with PS3 launch

On Monday, DailyTech reported that Microsoft’s Richard Teversham was sticking to the corporate line of attacking the PlayStation 3's price and pointing out the XBOX 360's clear price advantage and head start in the market. Teversham also noted that Microsoft had a few surprises in store to counter the mighty blow that will likely be thrown by the PS3. Today we know what at least part of that counter offensive is: Gears of War.

Microsoft confirmed today that Epic Games' Gears of War will launch on November 12 in the United States; just ahead of the PS3's November 17 launch. With Halo 3 still about eight months away, Gears of War is the best chance Microsoft has at stealing some thunder. Bill Gates was quoted in Time Magazine as saying that the PS3 would "Walk right into Halo 3," but Gears of War will have to do for now. From

The company declined to state the obvious about the launch timing - preferring instead to remind us how many trade-show awards the game has picked up so far - but it's made no secret in the past of its desire to upset Sony's launch plans… Whether it's still "perfect" - as Gates envisioned the clash of Sony's next-gen console and Halo 3 - remains to be seen, but hype is certainly on Gears' side, and the game's likely to shift huge quantities amongst the Xbox 360 hardcore.

Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein has been in the news recently for his rather harsh criticisms of Intel’s efforts (or lack thereof) in the graphics industry. He blamed Intel for the current lull in PC gaming and for preying on consumer ignorance when it comes to graphics accelerators.

"People Don't Respect Confidentiality in This Industry" -- Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton

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