Samsung gets an Android exclusive, at least for a few months

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung has been largely reliant on Google’s Android operating system. However, Samsung has shown some signs that it wants to keep its options open, hence its decision to devote resources to its homegrown Tizen operating system. Unfortunately for Samsung, its efforts to actually launch a mainstream Tizen-based smartphone have largely fizzled.
However, Samsung today announced a smaller-scale move that will give its Galaxy smartphone users a credible alternative to an existing Google product. Nokia’s HERE Maps will now be available for Samsung Galaxy users to download and use for free.
HERE Maps brings with its functionality that is very similar to what you’d see with Google Maps, and adds a few advantages of its own to entice Galaxy users to make the switch. The most important advantage is that HERE Maps allows you to download entire countries to your device to use offline rather than just caching small areas (99 countries are currently supported for offline maps).

Nokia also points out that the HERE Maps will be able to sync with the brand new Gear S smartwatch.
The HERE Maps Beta will first be made available as an exclusive for Samsung Galaxy smartphones in October. However, other Android devices will receive the app before year’s end.

Source: Nokia

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