Leak also gives us some additional details on specs

We’ve already learned that the Motorola Moto 360 will support wireless charging (via the Qi wireless standard), but a fresh leak is giving us a look at exactly how it charges.
The leaked photos shows us a vertical dock that holds the Moto 360 in place, allowing you to see the watch face while it’s charging. A blue charging animation sweeps around the watch face, clockwise, giving you a visual representation of the charge state (along with a percentage value in the center of the display).

However, one downside to the Moto 360’s design is apparent in these pictures. The Moto 360’s display driver components are built into the bottom portion of the watch’s display, which shows up as a black, crescent-shaped oddity. You can see how the charging animation is abruptly cutoff by the display driver as it sits in the dock (left side of the watch face in the first picture above).
Mister Gadget, the source of the leaked photos, also says that the Moto 360 has IP67 certification, a hear rate sensor, and battery life of two days (which puts it well ahead of the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch which both can last roughly a day on a charge).

The Moto 360 is supposed to launch sometime this summer, and we eagerly await its release.

Sources: Mister Gadget, via BGR

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