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The Galaxy Alpha will reportedly come in 4.7" and 6.7" varieties

We’ve been hearing about Samsung’s metal-trimmed smartphone for quite some time, with pictures of the device popping up regularly around the web. Today, we’re getting some of best images of the devices to date along with a few more details on the new smartphone family.
The images show that the Galaxy Alpha sports chamfered edges like the iPhone 5/5S. The metal band wraps all the way around the sides of the smartphone, but the back of the device will still be made from plastic like all previous Galaxy designs.

We’ve already seen the 4.7” Galaxy Alpha in black — and here in white — but there will also be a larger 6.7” model according to The Verge and the Weibo forums.
Although we know nothing about the specs of the larger model, the 4.7” Galaxy Alpha is said to include a 720p display, fingerprint reader, 32GB of storage, and a Samsung Exynos processor.

All Images Courtesy Weibo Forums

Sources: Weibo, via The Verge

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Resolution is not everything
By maroon1 on 8/14/2014 1:57:22 PM , Rating: 2
Resolution is not only thing that matters when it comes to display

Galaxy Alpha using the latest and best AMOLED display. Samsung has been improving their in every generation. Grayscale accuracy for example is even better than Galaxy S5

Would you guys rather have an outdated AMOLED display like Galaxy S3 but with 1080p resolution, or would you rather have the latest and best AMOLED with highest color accuracy and brightness but only 720p resolution ?
I prefer high quality 720p over old and poor quality 1080p display, specially if the screen size is only 4.7 inch. I doubt that 1080p will make a big difference on 4.7 inch anyway

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