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The Galaxy Alpha will reportedly come in 4.7" and 6.7" varieties

We’ve been hearing about Samsung’s metal-trimmed smartphone for quite some time, with pictures of the device popping up regularly around the web. Today, we’re getting some of best images of the devices to date along with a few more details on the new smartphone family.
The images show that the Galaxy Alpha sports chamfered edges like the iPhone 5/5S. The metal band wraps all the way around the sides of the smartphone, but the back of the device will still be made from plastic like all previous Galaxy designs.

We’ve already seen the 4.7” Galaxy Alpha in black — and here in white — but there will also be a larger 6.7” model according to The Verge and the Weibo forums.
Although we know nothing about the specs of the larger model, the 4.7” Galaxy Alpha is said to include a 720p display, fingerprint reader, 32GB of storage, and a Samsung Exynos processor.

All Images Courtesy Weibo Forums

Sources: Weibo, via The Verge

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RE: A solid "meh"
By flyingpants1 on 8/4/2014 3:31:46 PM , Rating: 0
The door doesn't take up any space though or intrude into the internal compartment whatsoever. Why do people act like making the back of the phone removable somehow dictates the battery be smaller? This has never made sense to me.

Well.. you don't understand the construction of phones then. Not really surprising.

An internal-only battery is simply a battery cell wired directly to some traces on the phone's circuit board, this is by far the most efficient use of volume. You can just set it inside anywhere, and glue it into place. You can even use complex stacked battery designs to gain even more efficiency.

A removable battery is expected to be at least somewhat user-friendly, it requires some minimal casing around it so it can easily click into the phone or an external charger, and survive in a pocket, etc. This may add a few % to the volume of the battery itself. Then you have to accommodate a plastic battery compartment in the phone's construction, requiring you to form plastic in ways you wouldn't otherwise need to - sacrificing some space again.

Phone|lithium ion cell

The phone is now

Phone|formed plastic|battery casing|lithium ion cell|battery casing|battery door

There's simply more shit inside, you see. The difference may be negligible, but no matter which way you slice it, internal will always be higher capacity given the same size of phone. This isn't complicated. Let me know if you need further explanation.

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