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Some flaws exist, but new menu overall should please most everyday users

It appears that Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) effort to bring back the Start Menu in revived form are nearing fruition.  A leaked shot of a Windows machine running Windows "Build 9788" surfaced late last week by a user with the screenname "DUF" in the forums section of the site My Digital Life.
While the build carries the title "Windows 8.1 Pro" (the currently available release), this does not appear to undermine the authenticity, according to sources.  Neowin reports:
One item about the image that was throwing off users previously is that is says Win 8.1 Pro in the bottom corner. We have spoken to a source close to Microsoft who says that this image appears to be legitimate, and that these builds inside of Microsoft still use this branding, so this is not a big deal.
The decision to drop the Start Menu was one of the biggest sources of customer frustration with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.  After much hemming and hawing, Microsoft finally admitted it goofed and announced at this year's BUILD conference that it would be bringing the iconic menu back.

Windows 9 Start Menu
Windows 9's new "Start Menu" [Image Source: "DUF"/MyDigitalLife Forums]

In its current form, the "new" Start Menu features two panes.  The left pane will include pinned apps, as well as commonly used apps or hubs.  The right will feature a compacted version of your Metro Start screen, with core hubs Microsoft considers important.  If you click the "All Apps" option, reportedly this hub will transform to a list of apps, similar to Windows Phone's scrollable alphabetic listing.
One major change is the lack of a folder-based system for accessing apps in the start menu.  This may irk some power users, however, it seems that typically users own use one key executable per major app anyways, and generally giving them that executable faster is probably the most efficient option.
On the flip side, the decision to include Metro (Modern UI) style hubs in the left pane leads to some redundancy in the left and right panes as we can see in the screenshot.  Microsoft might want to exclude core hubs that already appear on the right from appearing twice.
The current rumor is that Microsoft will release the new Start Menu with Windows "Threshold" (Windows 9?) sometime early next year -- possibly in April.

Sources: MyDigitalLife Forums, via Neowin

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RE: >.<
By bodar on 7/14/2014 7:37:01 PM , Rating: 2
The point is that it would have been trivial to allow a power user to create their own organization structure, but that was apparently too frickin' hard. Start Search is great (and my primary method for launching apps) but Microsoft's one-size fits all philosophy is what got people pissed in the first place.

Hey MS: Give people what they want and don't just half-ass it because you can't stand being wrong. Interfaces can be both simple and powerful.

RE: >.<
By Spuke on 7/14/2014 9:09:51 PM , Rating: 3
Disagree, people aren't using Win8 because they can't figure out the UI. EVERY single non-nerd user I encounter thinks the desktop is gone. They think the start menu IS the desktop! Once I tell them it's still there and show them how to get there, desktop button or update 1 install, they're sort of ok with it. I say sort of because they still can't find anything without the start menu, generally. I say generally because there are still quite a few users that don't understand the start menu still. If it's not on the desktop, it doesn't exist (I couldn't tell you how many people STILL don't get this).

The biggest whiners I mean complainers are techies. Generally, they can't stand it. What's interesting is I've run into quite a few nerds that think the start menu is the desktop too (only those that haven't used Win8 though).

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007

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