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Samsung once again gets cold feet when launching a Tizen smartphone

General consumers haven’t had much experience with Samsung’s Tizen mobile operating system. Tizen is currently shipping on Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches (the company also offered a Tizen OS upgrade for the original Galaxy Gear). However, most are awaiting the release of Tizen on the high-profile smartphone stage.
That moment was supposed to happen yesterday at a launch event held in Moscow for Tizen developers. However, Samsung backed out of its plans for launching the Samsung Z in Russia. Instead, Samsung issued a statement, which read in part, “the smartphone will appear on the Russian market later, when we can offer our users a fullest portfolio of applications.”
For developers that are actually trying to embrace the Tizen platform, this was definitely a setback, and likely not very encouraging. After all, this is the second time that Samsung has botched the launch of a Tizen-backed smartphone. Earlier this year, Samsung cancelled plans to launch a Tizen smartphone in Japan just days before it was supposed to go on sale.
But while the Samsung Z didn’t launch at the Moscow event, Samsung execs were on hand to extol the virtues of using Tizen. However, even company execs weren’t exactly brimming with optimism, with Samsung’s Dmitry Anosov stating, “The most obvious advantage [of developing for the Tizen phone] is that you’ll be at the top in a half empty store on a decent premium device.”

Samsung Z
That “decent premium device” is powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core Intel processor (paired with 2GB of RAM) and includes a 4.8” 720p display. Other features include 16GB of storage space, a microSD slot for storage expansion, an 8MP rear camera, front-facing 2MP camera, and a fingerprint sensor.
When Samsung first announced the smartphone in early June, marketing chief DJ Lee said that the Samsung Z would allow the company to “[Enhance] the mobile experience of consumers with innovation that is both personal and unique to their needs.” However, it now looks as though consumers will have to wait for an undetermined length of time to get their hands on Tizen.
With no concrete date set for the Samsung Z’s launch, developers are still trying to stay optimistic. “Think of the potential Samsung can give you in a new store and the profit you could be making, while in the iOS and Android stores, your app would be drowning,” said Denis Khitrov, who is the COO for MedM. “If this train starts moving, there may be no stopping it.”
Well, it’s time for Samsung to release the parking brake.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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RE: Gotta Laugh
By retrospooty on 7/12/2014 12:13:34 PM , Rating: 2
LOL... Tony, with all due respect, and I mean this as a friend, not as an attack... You do not think clearly when it comes to Apple. Just food for thought.

RE: Gotta Laugh
By tonyswash on 7/12/2014 1:29:43 PM , Rating: 2
With all due respect you have a really bad habit of attacking people and not their ideas. It's not conducive to a good debate. One can debate with people of diametrically opposed ideas and change no ones mind and still come away intellectually stimulated and enriched. Encountering a diversity of ideas, even ones you profoundly disagree with, is good for ones mind.

I thought my comment about the relationship between Google and Samsung and it's possible impact on the future prospects for Samsung was reasoned and reasonable, it may be wrong, it may be right, but it would enrich the debate if people actually responded to the points other people are making rather than collapsing into name calling.

Sure if someone makes a juvenile of offensive remark reply in the same way but why not engage in real discussion when the opportunity arises? Otherwise what's the point of taking part in forums like this?

Off topic. Anybody looking forward to the final tomorrow? I think Argentina have been very tedious to watch and if the game slips into a midfield stand off it will be very boring. I hope both sides play attacking football. I don't think I could bear another penalty shoot out :(

RE: Gotta Laugh
By retrospooty on 7/12/2014 2:06:16 PM , Rating: 2
Not meant as an attack, and I even said that. Honestly, Tony... When it comes to Apple and it's competitors can you really say that you are looking at things clearly and don't put in your highest of high hopes with Apple and your pessimistic thoughts on Apple's competitors? Apple stock will hit $1000, and Android is a disaster for Google are good examples of that.

I just meant that when Apple is involved, you aren't playing with a fair deck, so to speak. That isn't a shocker to anyone here, not even you. I mean come on now, you can take an honest look.

Anyhow on topic, Google, Samsung and Apple all 3 have immense fortunes and their "irons in alot of fires". None of the above are in any trouble and wont be in the foreseeable future.

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1,200 bucks for it." -- SCEA President Jack Tretton

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