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Microsoft expands its social networking capabilities

As the online social networking scene continues to explode, Microsoft has seen fit to give its MSN Spaces online community a makeover. The company is ditching the MSN nomenclature and is now adding Windows Live Spaces to its ever-growing "Windows Live" brand. Other services in the family include Windows Live Messenger, Live Anywhere and Windows Live Mail.

This is no small feat for Microsoft as the MSN Spaces represented the largest online blogging community on the Net with over 100 million unique visitors each month. In order to keep up with the changing times, Microsoft is expanding social networking opportunities with Windows Live Spaces. A new set of tools is also available to users including enhanced privacy tools and hundreds of gadgets that can be used to personalize your own Live Space.

“With the release of products such as Windows Live Spaces, we continue to deliver on our mission of bringing customers closer to the information and people that matter to them most. Windows Live and Internet-based ad-funded software and service are critical to driving growth for the company, and we are energized about the continued investments we’re making to help provide consumers with a seamless and safer online experience,” said Steve Berkowitz, senior vice president of the Online Services Group at Microsoft.

While Microsoft still has no immediate chance of coming close to touching MySpace in the social networking scene, it does have a powerful well thought out platform at the disposal of users who choose to use the service.

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RE: MySpace Horrors
By rushfan2006 on 8/2/2006 3:01:20 PM , Rating: 1
I've heard of this kind of stuff too. Seems pretty stupid. The person they didn't hire could have been the best worker they ever had at your company. Instead of judging someone on performance, they judge them by what they do with their free time. Outside activities have very little to do work performance. Hell, my friend is practically an alcoholic and he's the best and most productive programmer at his company.

Well first off if your find is practically an alcoholic, and still performs well at his job -- you must have a strange definition of alcoholic or your friend is at least smart enough to drink only when he just gets off work each night and then he cuts it out early enough to sleep it off....flaming alcoholics -- they drink all day, too bad I know about this from folks in my life. And I promise you this -- you drink that much there is no way in hell you are performing well at work.

Now to the point at hand...your activities outside of work certainly can (and rightfully should) be a concern for your employer if its risque behavior -- or something that is widely looked down upon by society like being a drunk or drug abuser. Even if by a mircale (and I flat out don't believe you that your friend is all that much an lush if you say he is still one of the best in the company at what he does...that's BS..but anyway) they can perform well -- they may (and should) still be fired. Business isn't a game. Image is extremely important, only more so if your line work has to do with meeting clients face to face regularly.

To think image or how you are perceived from what you do with your personal time isn't valid for your employer to be concerned about is quite naive.

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