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ASUS looks to undercut its rivals in the Android Wear market

Is $199 (Samsung Gear Live) or $229 (LG G Watch) too rich for your blood when it comes to Android Wear-based smartwatches? Now it appears that ASUS is aiming quite a bit lower for its entry into own entry into the nascent market.
According to TechCrunch’s sources, ASUS is set to launch an AMOLED-equipped Android Wear smartwatch that will be priced between $99 and $149. With Motorola definitely looking trending the high end of the market with its much-lauded Moto 360 (estimated MSRP of $249), ASUS’ entry — at least at a $99 price point — just might be enough to trigger an impulse buy from consumers that have already bought into the Android ecosystem.

As you may have already known, Android Wear smartwatches require a smartphone running Android 4.3 or higher (check compatibility here) to function as anything other than a glorified watch. 

Source: TechCrunch

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This will flop
By tonyswash on 6/28/2014 3:21:00 AM , Rating: -1
Guaranteed fail. This thing will sell in tiny numbers.

If you want to know why then Ben Thompson pretty much has it nailed.

RE: This will flop
By Gio6518 on 6/28/2014 10:29:27 PM , Rating: 3
How did he nail it, there were so many errors with his viewpoint such as

This is the primary reason why Android’s tablet share is much less than its phone market share, and its usage share lower still

But in reality android has dominated it (62%) and continues to grow


or this obvious and biased opinion
Because a phone is a necessity – everyone is going to buy one – there is going to be a very large segment of the market whose purchase decision is driven primarily by price. In turn, this means the minimum acceptable product with the lowest price is going to garner the largest market share. Indeed that is exactly what has happened with phones: while the iPhone is actually increasing its dominance of the high end



But it's an obviously Apple biased opinion like yours....

Now that there is going to be a true Android wearable ecosystem, not one Samsung tried to create or even attempted with Tizen, it will grow now especially when all manufacturers start turning them out i.e. LG, ASUS, MOTO etc.

RE: This will flop
By retrospooty on 6/29/2014 1:42:57 AM , Rating: 2
Tony regularly links blogs of like minded people to himself. They live eat and breath, and evangelize Apple so much that they really dont have a clue what the rest of the planet is doing.

Not that I think smart watches are going to be all that big, just that the sites T links are as myopic as he is.

RE: This will flop
By tonyswash on 6/29/14, Rating: -1
RE: This will flop
By Monkey's Uncle on 6/30/2014 6:47:47 AM , Rating: 1
Yeah that tl;dr post would make sense if Apple had a product to compete with it. As it stands Asus will sell 100% more when it launches than Apple's competing product. Why? Because Apple has nothing to sell and when it does, it will be priced 2-3 times as much.

Yep! Big flop there Tony boy!

Oh! And of course IF Apple ever gets around to actually producing their iWatch, they will of course be pounding on their chests saying "Look what we invented!".

RE: This will flop
By tonyswash on 6/30/14, Rating: 0
RE: This will flop
By retrospooty on 6/30/2014 9:02:26 AM , Rating: 2
OK, come back to Earth Tony. Apple doesn't deserve the pedestal you put them on. At least let them announce a product before you start the goo filled spin machine.

RE: This will flop
By chripuck on 6/30/2014 9:10:39 AM , Rating: 2
Except he's kind of right. Apple may not win the market share metric, but they'll be of the highest build quality and command a price premium that no one else can come close to.

RE: This will flop
By retrospooty on 6/30/2014 9:27:48 AM , Rating: 2
"and command a price premium"

That part is true. Somehow Apple manages to consistently come out with products that do a lot less and cost more to do less. Then they copy the features of the products that have better features and Apple fans "oooh and aaah" about it as if Apple did something amazing. They do have something there. More smoke and mirrors than actual good products IMO, but if buyers want to buy, go for it.

RE: This will flop
By Monkey's Uncle on 6/30/2014 10:09:37 AM , Rating: 2
Apple is rarely first into a product category but when they do enter a new product category their initial products disrupt the established market and set the template that redefines the market. They did this with PCs, music players, smart phones and tablets.

True enough while Apple was still under the direction of Steve Jobs. They are not any more and with him gone so is their creative heart.

Problem then is that while Apple may put out a nifty paradigm changing idea, it ends up going out half-baked and stays that way while Apple's competitors take that paradigm shift, improve it and offer it on a far wider range of products than Apple ever could hope to match. Because of that Apple's competitors end up outstripping Apple's product sales by huge margins.

The only thing is that in this case, I think Apple will be playing catch-up, cause honestly this is going to be a tough act to follow.

RE: This will flop
By tonyswash on 6/30/2014 10:59:16 AM , Rating: 1
Because of that Apple's competitors end up outstripping Apple's product sales by huge margins.

Minus the actual profit margins? Every PC and device OEM would die to have a business with a commercial profile like Apple's

RE: This will flop
By tonyswash on 6/29/14, Rating: -1
RE: This will flop
By Piiman on 6/29/2014 12:52:55 PM , Rating: 2
"what Apple might have in the pipeline, and therefore what a well designed and thought through wearable strategy/device might look like."

Try not to come in your pants as "speculate"

RE: This will flop
By themaster08 on 6/30/2014 10:15:13 AM , Rating: 3
I wish people would stop replying to Tony brain SWashed. This is his entire viewpoint summed up:

Apple good. Everyone else, bad.

No amount of debate, logical or otherwise, is going to change his views, or even cause him to think openly about anything that anyone says.

Apple is his religion.

Resist the temptation to bite. It's a lost cause. Just -1 and move on.

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