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We'll see it in the coming months

YouTube has announced a list of improvements for users who create and post video to its site, such as playback rates of 60 frames per second. 
According to the YouTube Creators blog, the video service is rolling out support for 48 and 60 frames per second in the coming months. You can check out some examples of these videos here, or watch the following 60 fps trailer:

Aside from 60 fps, YouTube is also launching Creator Studio, which is an app that lets you see analytics, manage your videos and more; Creator Credits, which gives collaborators shout outs in the video descriptions; The YouTube 15, which is a weekly show on Sirius-XM’s Hits 1 hosted by Jenna Marbles and featuring the biggest names and rising stars in music from YouTube; added sound effects to the Audio Library; allows fan funding; added subtitles from fans, and the use of information cards instead of annotations.
Also, if you're in the giving mood, YouTube has announced Fan Funding, which allows you to donate money to support your favorite channels.
YouTube hasn't offered any set dates for these rollouts, but said we can expect to see them in the coming months. 

Source: YouTube Creator

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RE: 60 fps...
By inperfectdarkness on 6/28/2014 11:30:06 PM , Rating: 3
Of course you realize that every other ISP besides Google is going to start throttling the piss out of youtube--even more. So either Google is going to have to pony up to OTHER ISP's, with blood money (extremely doubtful), or they're going to rapidly become an ISP monopoly in their own right--due to having better speed on YouTube.

I'm sure at least initially this will be ASTRONOMICALLY better than Comcast-TW & Verizon, but long-term, I'm worried about Google having that much power as ISP.

RE: 60 fps...
By wordsworm on 6/29/2014 2:42:49 AM , Rating: 2
It won't be long before Google is the Internet. I recall reading somewhere that Google is investing in satellites to enable everyone to get online.

RE: 60 fps...
By kmmatney on 6/29/2014 11:53:06 AM , Rating: 2
I know they were talking about having high-altitude balloons that could enable internet over vast swathes of land. I think this was mainly for Africa and other third-world countries, though.

RE: 60 fps...
By JDHammer on 6/30/2014 1:11:00 PM , Rating: 2
this is very true - my company is responsible for manufacturing the hardware to be used for Google =D

I had just heard of this plan late last week so its a good thing. They only want one now, I suppose for testing, then we'll see what happens afterwards.

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