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Microsoft gets incredibly generous with its cloud storage options

The online cloud storage wars are really heating up, and Microsoft is the latest to throw down the gauntlet. The company announced today that all users of its OneDrive cloud storage service will have access to 15GB of storage for free — this is a significant increase from the previous limit of 7GB.
The 15GB limit brings OneDrive up to par with Google, which also offers 15GB for free to users of its Google Drive cloud storage service.
However, Microsoft is taking things a step further by also increasing the storage space available to Office 365 subscribers. Instead of the previous 20GB storage limit with a subscription, users will now be given access to a whopping 1TB of storage space. For comparison, the 1TB Google Drive option costs $9.99/month for storage alone.

For those that don’t want to subscribe to Office 365, other changes include the 100GB plan dropping from $7.49/month to $1.99/month, while the 200GB plan has dropped from $11.49/month to $3.99/month.
“We want to provide a complete experience that brings in the power of Office and lets you do more with everything you put in your OneDrive,” said Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager for OneDrive. “Whether it’s sharing your favorite photos with the people you care about in one simple click or working together in real time on an important project.”
The 1TB storage plans included with an Office 365 subscription definitely seem like an incredible deal compared to other cloud storage services out there. In addition, it makes Apple’s 5GB free plan for iCloud seem incredibly stingy.

Source: Microsoft

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RE: Pretty Good Service
By Samus on 6/23/2014 6:58:40 PM , Rating: 2
That's just it. What people don't seem to immediately realize is this is 1TB per user for corporate plans.

That effectively makes 120GB SSD's doable in virtually any corporate PC or connected mobile device, because if you just turn off file syncing for the majority of your unutilized data, you can keep all your data securely off your device. You don't even need to worry about encryption as long as you keep two-step authentication for OneDrive/SharePoint.

The flip side is it enables people to backup their entire PC (or multiple PC's) and/or keep their large files (music libraries like iTunes) off their PC entirely.

I could have seen Microsoft offering 100GB in the future but 1TB is just nuts. Their break-even point on subscribers probably just shot to 6+ months when you consider many new users will take advantage of this capacity and that cloud storage must be redundant (for every 1TB Microsoft offers, they need 2TB of storage for redundancy, and none of it can be "cold-storage" because this isn't a backup service, it's a live cloud service)

RE: Pretty Good Service
By aurareturn on 6/23/2014 7:27:26 PM , Rating: 2
They probably did the math and found that 99% of their users don't approach anywhere close to 1TB. I'm computer savvy and I don't even max my 20GB Dropbox.

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