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What's that smell?

The last time we visited the exploding laptop topic, Dell was asking the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for help regarding one of their laptops that blew up at a Japanese conference. The pictures of smoking and flaming laptop were plastered all over the net. Today, we have a new entry into the exploding Dell laptop hall of fame.

This latest incident took place in Vernon Hills, Illinois and involved a laptop that was seemingly off when fire took place (the burn pattern on screen confirms that the laptop lid was at least closed). According to the Automation Engineer who posted the details of the story on the TG FORUMZ, the battery burned completely through the laptop and resulted in the entire bottom floor of his office building being evacuated.

But for all the shock and horror of seeing a laptop catch on fire in your office, there's at least some humor thrown in for good measure (at the expensive of the laptop's owner). From the TG FORUMZ:

The most priceless moment of this entire ordeal is something that I, with regret, do not have a picture of. While taking pictures through the haze (after everyone had evacuated the area and before the fire department came to kick us out), the engineer who’s laptop it was had been spotted out of the corner of my eye. Apparently he heard there was a fire and that we all had to go outside. Being the noble engineer that he is, he quickly wanted to grab his laptop!!! HAHAHA The look on his face, as he stretched out his arms in disbelief was priceless!!! Again, I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of that... I was laughing too damn hard! (I was only able to get a picture of him walking away, as I was intermittently laughing and coughing at the same time).

We wonder if Dell will be placing another call to the US CPSC...

Updated 7/31/2006
It appears that another Dell laptop has taken a turn for the worse. The latest victim was a Dell Latitude D410.

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Apple vs. Dell Laptop fires
By mlittl3 on 7/28/2006 12:41:43 PM , Rating: 2
I remember awhile back when it was reported that Apple laptops were catching on fire, someone posted a comment about a revised Apple commerical featuring the two dudes pretending to be a PC and a Mac. The comment suggested the commerical should feature the Mac dude catching on fire and the PC dude saying "Well at least I got that going for me." I laughed my ass off thinking about how the commerical would look.

Well, the truth of the matter has nothing to do with the PC vs. Mac debate, flame war, fanboism, etc. The simple truth is that mass manufacturering which is necessary to provide for huge economies of scale has a small percentage of defects in its products. It is not enough to read articles like these and base a computer purchase or any purchase for that matter on an isolated incident. A small percentage of all products have defects: some with devastating consequences. No amount of loyalty to any company will stop said defects.

So, everyone, do some research, read the forums, figure out exactly what you need and base your computer, car, stereo, etc. purchase on rational reasons and not on predetermined stereotypes from fanatic fanbois. And then after all that, you better hope that you don't get the product that explodes. :)

RE: Apple vs. Dell Laptop fires
By Havocgm on 7/28/2006 12:54:15 PM , Rating: 2
Couldn't agree more. Same thing have been been pictured happening to the Mag-safe on the mac-books, which we have all seen. Albiet though, nothing I have ever seen has ever come close to such a horrifying image as this. My astonishment lies in the fact that there is a hole melted clean through the chassis. This looks like a prop off of a sci-fi movie set.

As for the poor owner, I figure this story and the pictures that go with it are almost worth the concequence.

RE: Apple vs. Dell Laptop fires
By Saist on 7/29/06, Rating: 0
“So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents." -- Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith
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