Availability of Core 2 Duo and reduced prices on Pentium D

Intel officially lifted the performance NDA for its Conroe Core 2 Duo processors two weeks ago. While Core 2 Duo performed very well obtaining processors was a tad difficult. That was because the official Intel launch with retail availability was still set for July 27th, 2006. Now July 27th, 2006 has come and Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors are popping up at major online retailers. Online retailers such as Monarch Computer, Mwave, Tiger Direct and ZipZoomFly have Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme products list or in stock.

Intel Core 2 Duo Pricing
Frequency Wholesale Price
Retail Price
C2E X6800 2.93GHz $999 $1082.50
C2D E6700 2.67GHz $530 $595.25
C2D E6600
2.4GHz $316 $367.25
C2D E6400
2.13GHz $224 $270
C2D E6300
1.86GHz $183 $235.75
P4D 945
3.4GHz $163 N/A
P4D 915
2.8GHz $133 $143.06
P4D 820
2.8GHz $113 $126.80
P4D 805
2.66GHz $93 $101.50

Core 2 Duo retail pricing is close to Intel’s previously released pricing with the lower-end Core 2 Duo E6300, E6400 and E6600 models selling for around $50 more on average. Higher end Core 2 Duo 6700 models sell for $65 over wholesale pricing while the flagship Core 2 Extreme is selling for $83 more. Average pricing was calculated using current prices of Core 2 Duo processors from the above listed online merchants.

In conjunction with the Core 2 Duo launch Intel also slashed prices on four Pentium D models—the Pentium D 945, 915, 820 and 805. Retailers are slowly updating prices to reflect the price cuts. Mwave and ZipZoomFly have updated its prices on Pentium D 915, 820 and 805 models to reflect the reduced pricing. Tiger Direct has the newly released Pentium D 915 listed at prices similar to Mwave and ZipZoomFly while Pentium D models 820 and 805 still have old pricing. Intel’s Pentium D 945 is nowhere to be found from online retailers. Intel is expected to cut prices further in October.

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