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ATI's Street News Flash
Easy, tiger

ATI just released the July Street News Flash, which was published in response to the recent news of an AMD takeover.  There are just too many good quotes in this one, so we thought we'd just quote the whole news flash in its entirety:
On ATI's Intel License: There is no truth to the rumor that Intel has pulled ATI's chipset license. We continue to ship Intel chipsets under license.

On AMD's commitment to GPUs: The merger with AMD reinforces ATI's position as the world's best GPU supplier. AMD is absolutely committed to maintaining and extending that leadership. The merger gives access to AMD technologies and resources - for example, custom memory design - which will raise performance and reduce costs, further increasing ATI's competitiveness. Also, AMD has been extraordinarily effective in the channel, and access to their know-how, experience, and network, will be a powerful plus for ATI.

On Intel platforms: AMD acquired ATI so it could be the world's number one graphics processor supplier. AMD is absolutely committed to supporting graphics on Intel platforms. Hector Ruiz, AMD's CEO, made this completely clear on the conference call that announced the merger. He stated that AMD wanted to increase choice in the market, and that included ATI graphics on an Intel platform.

On the gift to Nvidia: Nvidia has seen the writing on the wall, and doesn't like what it's saying. The PC market is a tough place to be without any friends. ATI now has all the resources of AMD behind it, and will be producing faster, more compact GPUs and reaching the channel more effectively than ever before. Nvidia's words are bravado, designed to confuse the market while the company tries to find a way to compete now that it's standing alone.

Of course, we also reported that the ATI-Intel cross-license agreement was still in place yesterday.

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MEANWHILE, behind the smoke and mirrors...
By shecknoscopy on 7/26/2006 6:17:49 PM , Rating: -1
Naanaaanaabooboo we have AMD now so you can suck a big one Nvidia.

ATI EMPLOYEES: Yeah! We have AMD now! We're gonna' make the best products ever!

AMD MANAGEMENT: Actually, you guys get something even better!

ATI EMPLOYEES: What's that?


ATI EMPLOYEES: YAY! ER... wait, what?

AMD MANAGEMENT: Yeah. You're fired. All this 'merger' stuff was what we in the world of business call 'Corporate Jargon.' And you are now what we in the world of business call 'dead weight.'

ATI EMPLOYEES: Crap. Do we have to go back to designing and driving zambonis now?

NVIDIA MANAGEMENT: Hey... er... you lookin' for jobs, kids?

RE: MEANWHILE, behind the smoke and mirrors...
By cocoviper on 7/26/2006 8:25:42 PM , Rating: 2
AMD has already stated that there will not be any significant firings as a result of the merger.

Plus considering Intel just laidoff 1,000 people while AMD reabsorbed most of its closed down Geode division (giving 75 of the people other jobs if they wanted them, and letting the other 75 go), I don't think I would expect hardly anyone to lose their job over this. AMD hasn't done the large layoff thing since Ruiz has been CEO...its just not their thing.

RE: MEANWHILE, behind the smoke and mirrors...
By TomZ on 7/26/2006 8:49:51 PM , Rating: 2
Geez, lighten up - the OP was just making a joke!

By Dfere on 7/27/2006 8:09:37 AM , Rating: 2
Oops.. I said chipset didn't I... Duhh... Chip or CPU. Damnitalll anyways...............(I got heated, I admit)

RE: MEANWHILE, behind the smoke and mirrors...
By shecknoscopy on 7/27/2006 11:38:46 AM , Rating: 1
Geez, lighten up - the OP was just making a joke!

Yeah, and apparently, I got voted out for it! Did my comment cut too close to home, people? Or are you all just a little nearvous because all of this AMD-absorbs-ATI/what-will-nVidia-do hooplah is really just hiding your greatest fears of all: AN S3 CHROME CONTROL OF THE GRAPHICS MARKET! MUAHAHAHAHAH!! 20 FPS FOR EVERONE!!! *

Man, that's the last time I try and bring a little humor to THIS bunch of robots. Well, at least the last time, today.


*-with AA turned off. Lawdy lawdy, don't turn AA on.

Oh, and is "The OP" a reference to something, or is that my new nickname? If it's the latter, I totally dig it. Step aside, folks. Make way for da' O.P.

By PunaProgrammer chris on 7/29/2006 6:23:26 AM , Rating: 2
OP = original poster (i.e. the first poster of the thread).

By Dfere on 7/27/2006 8:07:31 AM , Rating: 3
"Not their thing?" You kidding me or what? AMD has grown over the years, while nipping at Intel's heels, and finally becoming a true player. Companies don't downsize while growing.

Go ahead and rate me down for this, but how does anyone decide one company is morally "good" for not firing employees because it does not need to, and another because it is stagnating (although this could be very well temporary)?

This is worse than fanboyism, this is a pipe dream that some companies are more morally superior than others. How can a legal entity, based on paper, be morally superior?

And if you are saying Ruiz is morally superior to whats his name at Intel? What if AMD had had 85% of chipset sales and years later had 60%, would Ruiz take a paycut? The only way anyone could evaluate Ruiz's ethics would be find out his salary and annual review (if he had one) and interview his family and friends so we could see how he treats his employees. Anybody got that handy?

By peldor on 7/28/2006 10:41:41 AM , Rating: 2
Of course there won't be significant firings.

Anyone you fire is by definition insignificant!

By Drexial on 7/27/2006 4:04:17 AM , Rating: 2
ATi doesnt have any manufacturing employees. they have other plants make their chips for them. its doesnt mean that people at these fabs wont get fired because what im sure is their biggest buyer is pulling out to be manufactured at the AMD fabs. but ATi wont really be firing too many people because of the merger, directly anyway. if they do start laying of R&D people from ATi, AMD really is retarded and i feel bad for ATi. cause ATi's development could help allot with AMDs processor architecture. from what i read in a previous article, they seemed to have worked closely with Intel on the core 2 project. but we will see where this goes.

For a really good article on the matter read this, its a unbiased view form all angles

By Merglet on 8/2/2006 11:48:24 AM , Rating: 2
The Zamboni was invented by an American, and the company that makes them is American, Dumbass. Sheesh.

That was the most uneducated attempt at a Canadian joke I've ever seen.

"The whole principle [of censorship] is wrong. It's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't have steak." -- Robert Heinlein
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