From the motorways to the airways

Most of us know Honda for making ultra-reliable cars, SUVs and minivans that have pretty high resale value. Well, the company is adding a new 7-seater to its stable, but instead of conquering the roadways, this Honda will soar through the air. Honda hopes to make its new HondaJet the "Honda Civic of the sky." "Aviation has been an important dream of Honda for more than four decades. Our goal is consistent with the philosophy of other Honda products -- to provide convenient and efficient transportation that will make people's lives better. We are excited now to enter a new dimension of mobility," Satoshi Toshida, senior managing director at Honda.

The Japanese company hopes to sell the HondaJet in the United States thanks to a partnership with Piper Aircraft Inc. Honda will depend on Piper for sales and service of the aircraft. And like the majority of the vehicles Honda sells in America, the aircraft will also be built here in the good ol' US of A. Honda expects to sell around 200 HondaJets each year for less than $4 million each.

The sleek aircraft mounts its twin HF118 jet engines on pylons to improve passenger space, features an "all glass" cockpit, has a maximum speed of 420 knots, a range of 1,100 nautical miles, an operational ceiling of 41,000 feet and Honda claims that the jet is 1/3 more fuel efficient than its competitors.

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