eBay says that cyberattackers infiltrated its corporate network

It seems as though no company is immune to cyberattackers, with eBay becoming the latest company to crack under pressure. The company reports that a “small number” of employee log-in credentials were compromised, allowing attackers to access a database comprised of encrypted passwords and non-financial data.
eBay will begin contacting its users later today to urge them to change their passwords.
It should be noted that while eBay first noticed that log-in credentials were compromised two weeks ago, its corporate network was actually infiltrated between late March and early April.  According to eBay, information visible to the attackers included “eBay customers’ name, encrypted password, email address, physical address, phone number and date of birth.”
However, eBay is quick to point out that financial information and “confidential personal information” were not accessed by the cyberattackers.  
eBay subsidiary PayPal was not affected by this breach, so those users account should be safe… for now.

Source: eBay via BusinessWire

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