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Not long after LG posts an official teaser for its upcoming QHD G3 smartphone, leaked press renders hit the web

Late yesterday, LG posted a teaser video of its upcoming G3 smartphone which gave some fleeting glances at the phone including close-ups of its image stabilized rear camera. You can see the video here:

Not long after, however, Phone Arena gave us the full goods by posting leaked renders of the actual device. The G3 will be available in three colors: Gold, Titan Grey, and Silver. The close-up shots also show what appears to be a brushed metal backplate, but Phone Arena states that this could very well be a traditional polycarbonate shell textured to look like brushed metal.

The phone’s most talked about feature, however, is its 5.5”, 2560x1440 (QHD) display with 538 pixels per inch (PPI). We’ve already heard from Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu that QHD screens are “nonsense” and “a stupid thing,” but Toshiba obviously sees some benefit in this display "arms race."
Other reported features included a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 13MP rear camera, and of course the latest version of Android 4.4.x KitKat.

To get complete details on the LG G3, we’ll have to wait for its May 27 official reveal.

Sources: LG Electronics [YouTube], Phone Arena

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RE: stop making gold phones!!!
By inighthawki on 5/15/2014 1:16:53 PM , Rating: 2
Well you could have fooled me! Didn't you just disparage me for not being "in the field"?

I simply meant I don't work at an OEM building phones. I do, however, work in the field of graphics processing. I work with OS kernels and GPU drivers all day long.

But battery life HAS improved as resolution has increased. I'm not saying "trust me", I'm saying go look at the facts!

And I'm not saying that's not true, it's just that it's anecdotal evidence. If one component causes more power drain, but then two other components improve it, you can get a net gain. Correlation does not prove causation.

But higher res screens can end up shaving more than a few minutes. It could be 30-60 minutes easy if you have to bump up the GPU's power state just to compose the display.

The feature you mentioned earlier is a good example of a component that can save a massive amount of power draw while remaining orthogonal to the power draw relating to resolution. Panel self-refresh technology has been used a couple other places (a lot of Intel's devices have it already, including laptops and tablets). The huge advantage is that it can completely disable vsync interrupts on the CPU, which allows the CPU to remain idle. The compositor will not have to wake up on vsync. Keeping the CPU at an idle state is very advantageous. I've seen similar technologies save an hour or more of battery life.

Yeah, sometimes I even impress myself. You have to admit, that was a pretty good reversal move :)

Yes, it was a pretty good move actually. A little low, but good :)

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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