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Plastic-loathers rejoice, your new phone may be night

So far most of the leaks and renders we've seen of LG Electronics Inc.'s (KRX:066570)(KRX:066575) flagship G3 smartphone have shown a plastic-backed device, similar to LG's domestic arch-rival Samsung Electronics Comp., Ltd. (KRX:005930) (KRX:005935) Galaxy S5.

But that might have changed, or perhaps there's two variants of the device -- one plastic, one with a brushed-metal back.  Top Twitter leaker @evleaks decloaked the upcoming phone in a post:

Brushed metal or matte metal is a look that many people enjoy, both aesthetically and its better resistance to fingerprints than polished metals or glossy plastics.  HTC Corp. (TPE:2498) has earned critical praise for incorporate that design style into its first generation and second generation HTC One smartphones.  Apple, Inc.'s (AAPL) premium iPhone 5S employs a matte finish metal unibody.

Now it appears the LG G3 -- which is also is expected to pack the first quad-HD (2560x1440 pixels) display in a device headed for American shores -- will also pack a metal finish to its chassis.

Source: @evleaks on Twitter

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RE: Drool.
By retrospooty on 5/11/2014 11:05:34 PM , Rating: 2
It's really not complicated. There are different phones with different features for different needs. Some people want and or need removable battery. Going on extended business trips flying all over the place from company to company when you're in a particular town not knowing when you'll be able to plug it in, it's great to have a removable battery. Most people don't need it especially if the battery life is decent, some do so good. People can just buy the one that suits their needs and everyone's happy... except why is no one happy? people that don't want a removable battery are pissed at phones that have one. People that want one are pissed at phones that don't have them. Just but the one that suits your needs and let the OEM's keep giving us options.

is it just me or is everybody way over complicating this issue? its like complaining that your car company makes SUVs when you want a compact car. Just buy the compact car since that's what suits your needs. Simple.

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